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Commitment to Diversity

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CommitmentThe student body of the pastoral counseling and spiritual care department is both ethnically and spiritually diverse. This multicultural aspect informs not only the department, but also the counseling field as a whole. It also seeks to bring a greater understanding of the counseling movement to underrepresented groups and cultures. The global focus of the pastoral counseling department has been a highlight of the program since its inception in 1976. If you are an international student or are interested in studying abroad, please read more about the international focus of the U.S. based National Board of Certified Counselors International (NBCC-I).

Our student body consists of approximately 400 students from 48 states and 30 foreign countries. An estimated 10 percent of our students are international students, which is the highest international student representation within Loyola. The age of our students ranges from 21-70 with a median age of 42. The student body is 29 percent male and 70 percent female.

The student body is also representative of many diverse spiritual affiliations which include several world religions and philosophical movements. These vast spiritual experiences cross cultural lines, bring a multicultural aspect to the department, and enhance the curricular experience.

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