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Universidad de Alberto Hurtado

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Partnership with the Universidad de Alberto Hurtado

In June 2006, the Loyola University Maryland's pastoral counseling program began its partnership with faculty at the Universidad de Alberto Hurtado, the Jesuit University in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Christine Gorigotia-Wittenberg, a recent graduate from Loyola's Psy.D. program, and Fr. Kevin Gillespie, S.J., president of St. Joe’s University, were the first to go to Chile and teach several pastoral counseling classes.

In subsequent semesters, the following Loyola faculty have also been called upon to teach in Chile: Sharon Cheston, Beverly Eanes, Geraldine Fialkowski, Danielle LaSure-Bryant, and Thomas Rodgerson. The first of its kind in Latin America, this pastoral program will offer courses in psychology and spirituality that will enable its graduate students to receive the same concentration and integration of counseling and spirituality that students at Loyola have received for the past 30 years. Currently, "Crisis Intervention" and "Spirituality of Couples Relationships" is being taught by pastoral counseling faculty at the University.