Loyola University Maryland

Department of Pastoral Counseling


Barry K. Estadt, Ph.D.

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Founding Director, Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Counseling

Ph.D., Psychology, The Catholic University of America
M.S., Psychology, The Catholic University of America
M.S., Theology, Capuchin College
B.S., St. Feidelis College

A practicing psychologist, researcher and educator who had also completed graduate studies in theology, Dr. Barry Estadt was recruited by Loyola's Psychology Chair in 1976 to establish a new pastoral counseling program in response to requests from local clergy. Within a decade, Barry Estadt had established an independent Pastoral Counseling Department, and by 1990 had expanded the graduate and certificate degrees offered to include a doctorate-the only degree of its kind offered in the United States. Today, Loyola's Pastoral Counseling Program attracts students from around the globe for its unique integration of theology with the behavioral sciences.

For his outstanding accomplishments in the discipline of pastoral counseling, for his distinguished academic career as a teacher, clinician, and researcher, and for his devotion to Loyola's mission, Loyola presented Dr. Estadt with The President's Medal in 2000.  He retired from Loyola in 2000 and was an honored guess at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Pastoral Counseling program.


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Making Meaning: A peek into the lives of current pastoral counseling students