Loyola University Maryland

Peace and Justice

Undergraduate Learning Aims

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Faith and Mission

  • an understanding of the mission of the Society of Jesus and of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, especially of what it means to teach, learn, lead, and serve "for the greater glory of God”
  • a habit of thoughtful, prayerful, and responsible discernment of the voice of God in daily life; a mature faith
  • a commitment to put faith into action
  • an understanding of the contributions of Catholic Social Thought to peace and justice
  • personal experience with Loyola’s Jesuit and Catholic commitment to education through service for justice
  • understanding that life, security, and salvation all hinge upon building and maintaining a just and peaceful world for everyone

Promotion of Justice

  • an appreciation of the great moral issues of our time: the sanctity of human life, poverty, racism, genocide, war and peace, religious tolerance and intolerance, the defense of human rights, and the environmental impact of human activity
  • commitment to promote justice for all, based on a respect for the dignity and sanctity of human life
  • commitment to and solidarity with persons who are materially poor or otherwise disadvantaged
  • an understanding of nonviolence and the ability to promote a peaceful and just world nonviolently
  • an appreciation of peace and justice studies perspectives on major social, political, and economic issues of the 21st century
  • an understanding of  personal transformation as a necessary element of social transformation

Leadership, Intellectual Excellence and Diversity

  • an understanding of what is needed to build a peaceful and just world
  • a willingness to act as an agent for positive change, informed by a sense of responsibility to the larger community
  • understanding the relationship between peace and justice
  • appreciation of the oneness of humankind as well as the richness of its diversity