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Awards and Recognition

Hula receiving the 2016 Distinguished Teacher of the Year award

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Hula, the 2016 recipient of the Harry W. Rodgers, III, Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Political Science majors Kellianne Hickey and Lauren Meyer! Kellianne and Lauren received second and third place awards, respectively, in the Social Sciences Oral Presentations at the 2015 Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium.

Kellianne Hickey

Kellianne Hickey

Kellianne Hickey presented her research, "Hungry for Justice: The New Roles of Religious Non-profits in Preventing, Serving and Advocating for American Hunger Relief since the 2008 Recession."

Lauren Meyer

Lauren Meyer presented her research, "Assessing Mass Rape as a Crime Against Humanity at the ICTY."

Lauren Meyer