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Baltimore Health Immersion Service-Learning Placement Choices

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These placements are confirmed as of January 2016.  Placements may be subject to some changes. We are committed to providing quality service-learning internship placements for all participants.

Alliance, Inc. (4 placements)


Alliance provides community-based services to people living with mental illness and developmental disabilities as well as veterans facing homelessness. Alliance’s recovery-oriented continuum of services help people live more independently and achieve their dreams. Child and Adult experiences are available. You will be able to better understand the day to day life of adults with severe and persistent mental health disorders through exposure to the operations of the psychiatric rehabilitation day program and residential program which help clients stabilize their symptoms, connect with resources and monitor medications and physical health. You will also be able to work with children, adolescents and their families through in-home wraparound care coordination services.

Baltimore City Health Department (1-2 Placements)


The Health Department has a wide-ranging area of responsibility, including acute communicable diseases, animal control, chronic disease prevention, emergency preparedness, HIV/STD, maternal child health, restaurant inspections, school health, senior services and youth violence issues. In collaboration with other city agencies, the Health Department aims to empower all Baltimoreans with the knowledge, access and environment that enable healthy living.

Bon Secours Baltimore Health System (2 placements)


Bon Secours Hospital helps people and communities by providing compassionate, quality health care to all in need in West Baltimore, with special concern for the poor and dying. The hospital has 88 acute care beds and patients are cared for holistically with traditional acute care services and an array of ambulatory and community services. You will be assigned a project and will experience the operations of several departments including Emergency, Social Work and Housing by shadowing staff and attending department “huddles” and staff meetings.

Healthcare for the Homeless Client Support Desk (2–4 placements)


Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) was is a nationally-recognized model for the delivery of care to underserved populations, providing health-related services, education and advocacy to reduce the incidence and burdens of homelessness. You will assist the medical center’s clients by connecting them to community resources, such as food banks, educational opportunities, and addiction treatment programs. Tours and shadowing experiences will be provided for students to learn about the comprehensive services and advocacy that are required to end homelessness. 

Health Alliance Associates (within the Helping Up Mission) (1 placement)


HAA provides primary health and mental health services to men at the Helping Up Mission. HAA staff consists of a medical doctor, a physician’s assistant, a nurse, social workers and counselors. You will have firsthand interaction with patients registering for care, assisting with medical and mental health paperwork, triaging phone calls, completing referrals and assisting with groups.

Kennedy Krieger Spinal Cord Injury Center (2 placements)


The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury (ICSCI) at Kennedy Krieger Institute combines innovative research with a unique focus on restoration and rehabilitation for both children and adults with chronic paralysis.  You will observe and assist the center’s rehabilitation teams in their use of activity-based restorative therapies for clients with chronic paralysis. You will learn about the multidisciplinary approaches and contemporary research that help to maximize the spine injury patients’ potential of recovery.

Kennedy Krieger Neuropsychology Research Laboratory (1 placement)


The Neuropsychology Research Lab operates as a division of the Department of Neuropsychology at Kennedy Krieger Institute. The research lab is dedicated to clinical research in the science of brain-behavior relationships. You will be part of a research team that manages and analyzes clinical research data and consults on protocol development for clinical research on brain-behavior relationships. You will learn about the informative roles that large-scale data analyses have on clinical research and best practices of care.

Keswick Senior Center Adult Day Services (2 placements)


Adult Day Services at Keswick provide transportation, nutritious meals, and a highly qualified team that has expertise in geriatric and dementia care, including our registered nurse, social worker, dietician, activities specialist and physical, occupational and speech therapists.  You will contribute to the day-to-day activities and care management of the center’s clients. You will understand how nurses, social workers, speech therapists, and other health professionals work in teams to plan and execute the optimal care for the elderly.

Powell Recovery Center (2 placements)


Powell Recovery Center is focused on alcohol and drug treatment within the Baltimore city area. The staff of mental health and substance abuse professionals offer inpatient and outpatient treatment and manage crisis and halfway housing. You will participate in client case management and data review, including the analysis of ER diversion data. You will learn about teamwork and day-to-day client support behind successful outpatient substance abuse services. 

Weinberg Housing and Resource Center (2 placements)


The Weinberg Housing and Resource Center (WHRC) is a low barrier emergency shelter that provides homeless services to over 275 adult men and women each night in the City of Baltimore.  Services include shelter, convalescent care, breakfast and dinner, showers, laundry, case management and a variety of life skills and empowerment classes -- with a focused goal on assisting residents in obtaining permanent housing. You will support the center’s staff in their management of health and wellness empowerment programs, such as fitness classes, diabetes awareness, and stress management. You will learn about the supportive roles that wellness promotion and positive social interaction have in managing difficult life situations.

Wraparound Maryland, Inc. (1 placement)


Wraparound Maryland’s mission is to provide care coordination services utilizing wraparound principles and philosophies to guide a process where all families and youth feel supported, encouraged and hopeful that their goals will be realized. You will have an opportunity to work with a Care Coordinator or Case Manager in the adult targeted case management program and child and youth mental health case management program. You will experience the intake process, interviewing, assessment completion, treatment plan development, child and family teams, and participation in group supervision. You will  become familiar with business operations and electronic health records.