Loyola University Maryland


Jason M. Prenoveau, Ph.D.

Jason PrenoveauAssociate Professor of Psychology

Office: Beatty Hall, Room 220C
Telephone: 410-617-5240
Email: JMPrenoveau@loyola.edu


  • B.S. (Chemical Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.A. (Clinical Psychology), University of California at Los Angeles
  • Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology with minor in Measurement Psychology), University of California at Los Angeles
  • Licensed Psychologist, State of Maryland

Teaching Awards:

Mentor of the Year Award (2013)
Awarded by the Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students (MPAGS)

Scholarly Interests:

I am broadly interested in the etiology, phenomenology, and treatment of disorders of anxiety and fear. Specifically, I employ experimental fear conditioning paradigms to explore factors that contribute to the etiology and maintenance of fear/anxiety as well as to explore mechanisms involved in the extinction of conditioned fear. These studies utilize physiological, behavioral, and self-report indices. I also study the measurement, phenotypic structure, and temporal stability of anxiety and mood symptomatology using structural equation modeling with cross-sectional and longitudinal observational data.

Representative Publications:

Prenoveau, J. M., Craske, M. G., Counsell, N., West, V., Davies, B., Cooper, P., Rapa, E., & Stein, A. (2013).
     Postpartum GAD is a risk factor for postpartum MDD: The course and longitudinal relationships of
     postpartum GAD and MDD. Depression and Anxiety, 30, 506-514. doi:10.1002/da.22040

Prenoveau, J. M., Craske, M. G., Liao, B., & Ornitz, E. M. (2013). Human fear conditioning and extinction:
     Timing is everything...or is it? Biological Psychology, 92, 59-68. doi:10.1016/j.biopsycho.2012.02.005

Prenoveau, J. M., Craske, M. G., Zinbarg, R., Mineka, S., Rose, R. D., & Griffith, J. W. (2011). Are anxiety
     and depression just as stable as personality during late adolescence? Results from a 3-year longitudinal
     latent variable study. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 4, 832-843. doi:10.1037/a0023939

Prenoveau, J. M., Zinbarg, R., Craske, M. G., Mineka, S., Griffith, J. W., & Epstein, A. M. (2010). Testing
     a hierarchical model of anxiety and depression in adolescents: A tri-level model. Journal of Anxiety
     Disorders, 24,
334-344. doi:10.1016/j.janxdis.2010.01.006

Craske, M. G., Rauch, S. L., Ursano, R., Prenoveau, J. M., Pine, D. S., & Zinbarg, R. E. (2009). What is an
     anxiety disorder? Depression and Anxiety, 26, 1066-1085. doi:10.1002/da.20633

Course Offerings:

PY291: Research Methods I
PY292: Research Methods II
PY621: Principles and Practices of Psychotherapy
PY810: Psychological Measurement
PY832: Research Methods in Clinical Psychology I
PY833: Research Methods and Data Analysis in Clinical Psychology