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Masters Programs

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The Psychology Department at Loyola University Maryland offers three options for prospective master's students to choose from, depending on academic interest and desired career outcome.

Prospective students interested in a doctoral level degree in Psychology should refer to the Psy.D. Program at Loyola

Master's (M.S.) in Clinical Professional Counseling

The 60-credit Master of Science in Clinical Professional Counseling (CPC) program prepares students to become master’s-level mental health practitioners. Students graduating from this program will have completed all the necessary coursework to become Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC or Professional Counselor) in the state of Maryland or receive a similar credential in other states.

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Master's Plus & CAS Programs

The Master's Plus program is designed for students who have their master's degree in psychology or an allied field but need to complete additional course work to become a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Maryland. If students require 30 or more additional credits, they are eligible for the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)..

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  M.S. Clinical Psychology, Thesis Track  M.S. Clinical Professional Counseling Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.)
Credit Hours  48 Credits 60 Credits 132 Credits
Structure Full or Part-time Full-time Full-time
Required Supervised Field Experience Not Required Yes - 600 Hours Yes - 1,410 Hours
Time to Complete (assuming full-time) Less than 2 years  2 years, 4 months 5 year average
Research Externship Yes No No
Thesis Requirement  Yes No Yes
Outcomes Builds student's resume for entry into doctoral level programs.  Prepares students with the necessary coursework to become licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPOC) in the state of Maryland. Professional trains and develops doctoral level clinical psychologists.
APA Accreditation N/A - APA does not accredit non-doctoral programs. N/A - APA does not accredit non-doctoral programs. Yes