Loyola University Maryland


Masters (M.S.) in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Barnett

The M.S. in Clinical Psychology program prepares students to begin employment in psychology under the supervision of a doctoral trained and licensed psychologist, apply to Psy.D. programs of study, or go on for masters level licensure, since this program attracts students who have a background in practical and internship experiences, as opposed to research and thesis requirements.

This program provides intensive training in psychological assessment. Students study under the supervision of a doctoral-trained and licensed psychologist, enrolling in coursework that is typically required in the first year of the doctoral clinical psychology program.

The M.S. in Clinical Psychology also places great importance on personal and interpersonal functioning across a person's life span and can prepare graduate students for counseling positions in private settings or licensure as mental health counselors.

All accepted applicants must complete and pass a background check prior to enrollment.

Dr. Kotchick and Dr. Loomis

Program Director

Christopher I. Higginson, Ph.D. 

For more information contact

Traci Martino, M.S., Director of Program Operations