Loyola University Maryland


Masters (M.S.) in Clinical Psychology, Thesis Track

Dr. ShermanThe masters thesis track in clinical psychology prepares students for Ph.D., and in some cases Psy.D., programs in the field. With an emphasis on psychological theory, assessment and research, this program often attracts students who are already in the profession but seek to advance their knowledge and skills in preparation for doctoral work, as well as high-achieving undergraduates who are seeking to bolster their qualifications for Ph.D. programs.

Dr. ShermanThe masters thesis track students also receive intensive research training and mentorship in preparation for careers as licensed counseling psychologists, with a heavy emphasis on client-centered theories and practices. Many masters graduates at Loyola continue their training at the doctoral level.

All accepted applicants must complete and pass a background check prior to enrollment. 

Program Director

Martin F. Sherman, Ph.D.

For more information contact

Traci Martino, M.S., Director of Program Operations