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Course Recommendations for Psychology Majors

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Recommendations for Courses to Pursue Careers and/or Graduate Study in Specific Subfields of Psychology

  • For Clinical and Counseling Psychology, PY201: Social Psychology,  and Group VI courses especially PY202: Psychopathology & PY323: Introduction to Counseling
  • For Industrial/Organizational Psychology, PY262: I/O Psych or MG201: Organizational Behavior
  • For Forensic Psychology, PY420: in Forensic Psychology, PY418 & PY419: in Forensic Psychology and courses in other departments such as SC332: The Sociology of Crime and Criminals , BL110: Introduction to Forensic Science
  • For Developmental Psychology, Group IV classes
  • For Cognitive Psychology, Group II classes
  • For Social Psychology, Group V classes
  • For Neuroscience, BL118, BL119, BL121 & BL126 (in lieu of BL105), Group III classes, consider taking BL403: Neurobiology with lab, BL452/453: General and Human Physiology and BL401: Endocrinology.  For additional coursework, interested students should consider biology courses at Johns Hopkins (advanced neurobiology courses) that can be taken through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program for Loyola credit.
  • For Social Work, Group V classes and courses in Sociology (SC214 Introduction to Social Work, SC 309 Child Welfare, as well as SC402 Social Work Practicum and Seminar)
  • For students interested in Ph.D. programs, taking additional statistics courses, such as ST365, ST465, ST466, and ST472.  Certainly pursuing a minor in statistics or mathematical sciences would be a wonderful addition as well.

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