Loyola University Maryland


Non-Credit Internships (Volunteer Work/Formalized Internships)

Students may wish to pursue applied experience beyond, or in lieu of, PY435/436: Field Experience in Psychology I & II. There are two ways students may gain such experience. It is the student’s responsibility to pursue these options if she or he chooses; they are not required by, nor affiliated with, nor endorsed by Loyola’s undergraduate program in psychology. Students should contact the internship sources directly. The psychology department does not coordinate these internships.

Option #1 - Volunteer Work

This is limited only by the student's own creativity. Students can approach any of the PY435/436 internship sites and discuss the possibility of volunteer work. The Director of Field Education, Dr. Katie Loomis, can provide a list of contact persons at various sites.

Option #2 - Formalized interships that are not for Academic Credit

A list of potential formal internship that students may want to investigate for summer experience are available here:

Summer Internship Program Opportunities