Loyola University Maryland


Research in Psychology

The Research track focuses on creating a body of scientific knowledge about the mind and behavior. Students who follow this track will be prepared for bachelor’s level research-oriented jobs in universities, medical centers, or research companies (e.g., pharmaceutical companies). They also are prepared to pursue research-oriented master's degrees (e.g., ones that involve a thesis) or research-oriented doctoral training (Ph.D. programs).  With a Ph.D. individuals would be eligible to serve as college or university professors as well as positions at research agencies (research project director).  Note that the research track could prepare students for graduate study in a variety of subfields in psychology (e.g., clinical, counseling, developmental, social, cognitive, neuroscience, forensics, industrial/organizational).  Students on the research track are encouraged to select courses that will provide them with background in the specific subfield that they would like to pursue.

Recommended Research Track Courses

  • PY404: Ethics
  • PY413 Psychological Tests and Measurements
  • PY414: Advanced Statistics with Computer Applications
  • PY418: Research Seminar in Psychology I
  • PY419: Research Seminar in Psychology II
  • PY305: Research Practicum
  • PY300 and/or PY40:0 Independent Study in Psychology
  • PY435: Field Experience in Psych I  (at research site)
  • PY436: Field Experience in Psych II
  • Advanced Courses in Statistics (e.g., ST365, 465, & 472)