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Want to go abroad? Your first stop should be to contact the international programs office.

Where you are interested in studying abroad will impact which courses you will want to take prior to, during, and after going abroad. Many courses are available abroad; the only psychology courses that must be taken on Loyola's campus are PY291 and PY292.

Questions to consider during your freshman/sophomore year, if you are considering going abroad:

  • Do you know where you'd like to study?
  • Is it a one-semester or full-year experience?
  • Is it a Loyola program or a non-Loyola program? (this might impact availability and transferability of coursework).
  • Attend meetings for specific abroad program information (this information is advertised consistently in the NewsHound).
  • Seek information from the international programs office regarding what courses are typically offered where you would like to go; although it is no guarantee that those courses will be offered while you are there, it will give you a general idea of the types of courses you could take.

In general, it is safe to suggest that you will want to take your Core "intro" courses here (e.g., PL201, TH201HS101 & EN101), and save your "upper-level" core courses for while you are abroad, in order to stay on track and maximize the likelihood of courses abroad being transferred back to Loyola. If you do not fulfill upper-level core courses while abroad, you will have more opportunity to take upper-level courses when registering as a junior or senior.

Regarding whether you will be able to take psychology courses while abroad, the answer is, "it depends." some abroad institutions offer many psych courses, while others offer very few. It is up to you to contact the international programs office to explore whether the program of interest typically offers a good number of psychology courses. In addition, you are limited to taking two psychology courses per semester, while abroad.

Another major issue, and probably the most important issue, is that you need to complete Research Methods I & II ideally during your sophomore year to ensure you will not be taking the research sequence senior year (which can cause complications; not insurmountable, but still complications). A section of PY291 is now available in the spring with the subsequent PY292 in the subsequent fall semester.  This is a wonderful option for sophomore students who are studying abroad in the spring of their junior year.  The research sequence may not be taken while abroad. (reminder: You must take ideally prior to, or concurrently with PY291.  The statistics course is a prerequisite for PY292. ST110ST210 or ST265

There is information outside of the study abroad office on a kiosk to get materials on all of the study abroad programs. You can read it before you come to an information session. When you have gathered the information about the program you are interested in, have taken all the necessary steps to prepare to apply and understand the requirements for acceptance, then view the study abroad application. All students who want to participate  in this program must apply online.

Once you submit in your study abroad application, you will receive an electronic confirmation. Your application will be validated only if you have brought a signed Study Abroad Application Advisor's Statement to the international program's office.