Loyola University Maryland

Army ROTC: Greyhound Battalion


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November 7-8, 2013 - Fall LTX

The Greyhound Battalion will conduct Leadership Training Exercises at Camp Fretterd, MD to apply the foundational tactical lessons learned from the first semester of instruction. MSIVs will lead the Battalion through Squad-level movements, day and night Land Navigation, and Patrol Base Operations.


The Dining-In is the assemblage of all the members of the Battalion for a formal dinner. The purpose behind the Dining-In is three-fold: First, it it brings the members of the unit together on a social basis. Second, is fosters a spirit of team work in the unit as the members get to know each other better. Finally, each member of the unit has an opportunity to see his/her place in the unit and learn of their unit's history and the legacy that they themselves will be leaving behind.

April 17-19, 2015 - Joint LTX

The Greyhound Battalion will conduct Leadership Training Exercises at Lauderick Creek, MD in conjunction with five other ROTC programs from the area. The joint LTX is a chance for ROTC juniors, or MSIIIs, to further improve their tactics and techniques in preparation for the Cadet Leadership Camp (CLC). CLC is a mandatory summer training event at Fort Knox, KY, typically attended following a cadet's junior year.

Spring LTX

The Greyhound Battalion will conduct Leadership Training Exercises to enhance their tactics and techniques in Field Craft Basics, Platoon Operations, Infantry Battle Drills, and Land Navigation.

May 15, 2015 - Spring Commissioning Ceremony

This is the culminating event for the seniors of the Greyhound Battalion. Four years of hard work and discipline throughout college is not only rewarded with a prestigious degree but also a commission in United States Army as a Second Lieutenant.