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In addition to our semester, year-long, and study tour options, Loyola also offers a number of independent and faculty-led summer programs. There is a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA requirement for all summer programs. All summer study abroad program fees are paid to Yvette McMillan-Bell in Student Administrative Services (SAS) in Maryland Hall. Accepted students will have one meeting and one predeparture orientation with their program director to review paperwork, safety measures, packing details, and all necessary information prior to departure.  

The philosophy of Loyola's Office of International Programs is to provide students with an in-depth experience of another culture by focusing on one program. Therefore, programs like Semester at Sea and similar programs would not be acceptable. The Office of International Programs must approve any international program that a student wishes to obtain credits from while at Loyola University Maryland.

Application Process:

1) Attend an information session on your program or a meeting with your Program Director

2) Once 1) is completed, your Program Director will email the Office of International Programs with your name and Loyola ID number

3) The Office of International programs will authorize you to apply

4) An application link will appear on your WebAdvisor so you can use it to apply online

5) Applications will open on December 10, 2015

Upcoming Information Sessions for Summer Abroad Programs:

Monday, January 26; 5:00 PM (HU 131)

Monday, February 2; 5:00 PM (HU 131)

Wednesday, February 4;  5:00 PM (HU 131)

Thursday, February 12; 5:00 PM (HU 131)

Granada, Spain

May 27 – June 25, 2015

Director: Dr. Holly Schneider, HUschneider@Loyola.edu
Courses: SN 104; SN 205 Spanish for Business
Cost: $ 3890 (airfare NOT included, activities and all meals included.  Includes tuition and housing)
Requires 10 participants.  Application deadline: February 16, 2015

Montpellier, France

May 22 – June 15, 2015
Director: Mme. Catherine Savell,  CSavell@loyola.edu
Courses: FR 101; FR 102; FR 103; FR 104; FR 202
Cost: $ 4380 (airfare, some meals, activities and short stay in Paris included.  Includes tuition and housing)
Requires 10 participants.  Application deadline: January 26, 2015.

Prague, Czech Republic

July 2-July 31, 2015
Director: Dr. Barbara Vann, BVann@loyola.edu
Courses:  Ethics core; Sociology elective
Cost: $3800 (airfare NOT included, breakfasts and special meals included. Includes tuition and housing)
Requires 10 participants.  Application deadline: February 13, 2015

Rome, Italy

May 30 – June 27
Director: Dr. Angela Christman, AChristman@loyola.edu
Courses: IT 111; IT 103; IT 104; TH*2 core Saints and Sinners in the Eternal City
Cost: $ 3980 (airfare NOT included; 4 dinners and 5 breakfast included per week, activities and some special meals included.  Includes tuition and housing)
Requires 10 participants.  Application deadline: February 16, 2015


Students have the option to select a non-Loyola summer program. The program selected should fit into their academic course of study. Once students have selected a study abroad program, they should do the following:

  • Students must have their non-Loyola program approved by the Office of International Programs.
  • Students must complete the Summer Abroad Program Approval/Transfer Course Request Form by March 13.
  • The non-Loyola program must meet the minimum program requirement of at least 39 contact hours and four week duration. 
  • Courses and credits earned abroad must be recorded on an official transcript from a four year, accredited (either in the United States or abroad), degree-granting institution.
  • Students applying directly to a university abroad will have to submit proof the university abroad is accredited through the Ministry of Education in that host country.
  • Once the program has been approved, students will need to have their course(s) approved by the department chair.
  • Students must earn a grade of 2.00 (C or higher) in each approved course.
  • Grades are not transferable, but are used to calculate Honors at graduation.
  • The Summer Abroad Program Approval/Transfer Course Request Form and all documentation required for approving a non-Loyola summer abroad program must be completed and submitted by March 13.
  • Materials submitted late may not be approved.

For questions, please contact Naomi Githae at ngithae@loyola.edu.