Graduate Learning Goals

The goals are intended to provide a framework within which different graduate programs will develop discipline-specific goals. These goals embrace the core values and principles inherent in the mission of the University.

Graduates of Loyola University Maryland's graduate programs should:

Master knowledge and skills:

  • Master the skills, methods and knowledge appropriate to the discipline.
  • Synthesize knowledge using interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Acquire the tools to continue professional development and life-long learning.

Think critically:

  • Access, analyze and evaluate information effectively.
  • Disseminate and communicate information effectively.

Manifest leadership and social responsibility in the workplace and community:

  • Understand and value individual differences and have the skills for working effectively in a diverse and changing world.
  • Comprehend the ethical principles appropriate to the discipline, have the ability to identify ethical dilemmas, and understand the frameworks for selecting and defending a right course of action.
  • Contribute professionally and personally to the broader community.
  • Consider issues of justice in making decisions.

These graduate learning goals were adopted by the Academic Senate on December 10, 2002.