Thurman VanRiper

Class: Senior

Hometown: Groton, Mass.

Position: Goalkeeper for men's soccer

Major: Accounting

Minor: Information Systems

Everyone Has a Strong Truth

It may be undiscovered or unrecognized, but Loyola may be the perfect place to discover yours. Ask a Loyola student, “What is your strong truth?” and get prepared for the answer… “We have a responsibility to give back.” “Believe in yourself.” “International travel changes everything.” The answers are as different as our students, but they are all full of conviction, determination, and hope. Just ask Thurman VanRiper…

Thurman’s Strong Truth

“Put your ego aside. You’re not always going to be a starter.”

“You have to be able to take the position that is the best for the team.”

Thurman VanRiper knew how to prepare for an interview with Ernst & Young in Manhattan, because it was just like getting ready to take the field at Ridley Athletic Complex.

“Playing soccer you always have the pressures of performing on the field,” Thurman says. “So that definitely helped going into a pressure situation of going into an interview.”

Thurman landed the internship at Ernst & Young, and he was offered a full-time job as an assurance intern beginning the fall after graduation.

That wasn’t the first time this student-athlete found himself applying what he has learned on the field in another situation.

“In soccer, you learn how to work on a team, how to take constructive criticism, how to hold yourself accountable for mistakes you make, and how to be able to go into a coach’s office and talk about what you need to work on. It isn’t the easiest thing, but that helped me in the interview,” he says. “Accountability is one of the biggest things I’ve learned.”

Another is time management. And Thurman and his teammates know how to make the most of every minute, writing papers on the bus as they travel to Philadelphia, Boston, and Hamilton, N.Y., to away games to stay on top of their academic work.

Thurman gained a deeper appreciation for the support of his professors and others on campus when he suffered a career-ending injury in the fifth game of his senior year. He had to have surgery twice and missed one-and-a-half months of classes while recovering.

“All of my professors were willing to work with me,” Thurman says. “They let me catch up at my own pace.”

Now Thurman will graduate on time and head to Manhattan to begin his new career.

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