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Jesuit Education

The Jesuits, also known as members of the Society of Jesus, are an order of Roman Catholic priests known for their intellectual facility, broad range of knowledge and interests, and centuries of accomplishment in the field of education. Their founder was St. Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish officer in the 1500s who underwent a spiritual awakening while recovering from a serious battlefield injury.

The Jesuits are particularly renowned for enriching the intellectual lives of the world's leading cities, and have established outstanding universities in urban centers from Los Angeles to London and from Mumbai to Manila.

What are the advantages of a Jesuit Education?

Loyola University Maryland is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. The Jesuits are among the great educators, not only historically, but in the world today. A person who graduates from a Jesuit institution earns a degree that commands nationwide and worldwide recognition.

The Jesuits have a phrase – cura personalis – meaning care of the whole person. This ideal means that while academic work will be the primary focus of your four years at Loyola, we are also committed to helping you develop socially and spiritually as well. Our liberal arts core curriculum is designed to help you obtain a broad and comprehensive background in college. Students are engaged in many ways beyond the classroom. Our intent is to help you develop into a well-rounded person with a well-defined purpose in your life.

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What makes a Jesuit Education unique?

There are many things about a Jesuit education that are unique including the opportunity to consider issues of ethics, the emphasis on community service and social justice, and the ability to explore your faith.

Part of the liberal arts core is a requirement to take an ethics course. Beyond the classroom, the University attempts to create an environment that allows students to explore and discuss questions of values in a variety of settings.

Loyola encourages students to put their ideals into action. Serve meals at Beans and Bread Outreach Center, help build homes through Habitat for Humanity, tutor immigrants in basic English at the Esperanza Center, or help those with developmental disabilities at Gallagher Services. There's a service opportunity for every interest! Find out more about our extensive community service program.

There are also several opportunities to travel with a group of Loyola students to other parts of the country or abroad to engage in service projects during breaks in the school year. These experiences are designed to heighten awareness of social justice issues and the ability society has to address them.

Students interested in exploring questions of faith and spirituality will find extensive opportunities at Loyola. Programs sponsored by the Campus Ministry department allow students to worship, to reflect, and to participate. The theology requirement in the core curriculum challenges all students to study the ideas and history of religion. The minor in Catholic Studies gives students a greater understanding of Catholicism.