The multidisciplinary environment of the Loyola Clinical Centers provides a broad range of audiology, education, psychological, and speech and language services to our clients. Individuals make appointments at our Center for a variety of problems and concerns, to include coping with depression and loss, anxiety and fear, expressive and receptive language difficulties, as well as learning disabilities, to name but a few. Treating individuals from 10 months old up to late adulthood, we provide a variety of treatments to individuals, couples, and families and groups. Each of the Centers offers assessment services to address a number of educational, communication, and mental health issues. It is our goal to provide comprehensive and quality services to our clients.

Specific Services

Use the links below to learn more about each of the services provided by the Loyola Clinical Centers.


Speech-Language Pathology

Listen to a father talk about how speech therapy at the LCC helped his school-aged son improve his articulation.

Hearing Aid Services
Literacy Scholars Program
Pastoral Counseling
Psychology Services
Speech and Language Therapy
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