Literacy Clinic
1. Literacy Clinic

The Literacy Clinic Division at the Loyola Clinical Centers offers multiple on-site and off-site services. Through the Literacy services at the LCC, we provide high quality, research-based instruction and assessment in reading and writing for school age children in grades K–12. The Literary Clinic offers a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in Loyola University's Literacy courses to participate in both clinic-based and school-based literacy services. The hands-on approach to education allows graduate and undergraduate students to gain experience with a wide range of ages and levels of difficulty, while also obtaining individualized mentorship and supervision from the Loyola Literacy Faculty. The Loyola Clinical Center community environment reflects Loyola's devotion to education and service—proving that integrated service can truly benefit the community, students, and professionals.

2. Services and Programs

Literacy Scholars Program

The Literary Scholars Program, housed at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library or the Loyola Clinical Centers, offers a unique opportunity for graduate students in Loyola University's Reading Specialist master's program to participate in clinic-based services. The M. Ed. Reading Specialist graduate students diagnostically assess and instruct school age children under the supervision of a Loyola Literacy Faculty.

  • 2 sessions: School Year (Saturdays) and Summer (5 weeks M-F)
  • Total of 20 sessions
  • One-to-One Tutoring: The Graduate Student will meet 1:1 with a K-12 student, pre-assess their literacy abilities, plan individualized instruction based on needs, and execute the instruction, post-assessments conclude the program to determine growth and future recommendations. A formal Case Study Report is provided to the parent/guardian of the child at the conclusion of the program.
  • Small Group Tutoring: Graduate Students co-teach small groups of K-12 students. Children are grouped based on similar instructional needs and age. Groups are 6-8 children. All students are given pre-post assessments and progress monitored throughout the program. Instruction is based on the needs of the group. Progress Reports are provided to parent/guardian at the conclusion of the program.
  • Combination of 1:1 and Small Group: Children are able to attend the Literacy Scholars Program for both services in order to increase the intensity of the literacy intervention.

NOTE: There are wait lists for this program. Call today to be placed on the wait list.

Literacy Evaluations

The Literacy Clinic provided school-age children (grades 1-12) with comprehensive literacy assessments. Assessments focus on all areas of literacy development: reading, spelling, and writing. Informal assessments are conducted to establish instructional levels. Multiple assessments are administered to provide an extensive literacy picture of the child. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are provided with an in depth, detailed description of the child’s literacy abilities and needs.

NOTE: Hours allotted for Literacy Evaluations will be on a specific day and time.

Reading Clubs

The School of Education undergraduate and graduate Teacher Education students conduct 1:1 tutoring sessions after school one day a week off-site at an Archdiocese of Baltimore School. The K-12 students are identified by their teachers as needing reading support and are enrolled in the Reading Club. The Loyola University pre-service teachers conduct pre and post assessments and plan lessons based on the student's needs.

Ready Set Read: Language and Literacy Program

Ready Set Read is an interdisciplinary program for children ages 4-6. The Literacy and Speech-Language Pathology graduate students co-teach and collaborate in order to evaluate the children’s language and literacy needs and plan instruction using research-based strategies to best meet the needs of the group.

  • Summer Session (5 weeks, Tuesday-Friday)
  • 1.5 hour sessions
  • Co-taught by Reading Specialist and Speech-Language Pathologist Graduate students
  • Literacy and Speech and Language assessments administered
  • 4:1 Student: Teacher ratio
  • Progress Report and Developmental Skills Checklist provided at the conclusion of the program

NOTE: There are wait lists for this program. Call today to be placed on the wait list.

3. Full Accreditation / Professional / APA Standards

Loyola University's Reading Specialist master's program is recognized by the International Reading Association. Our graduate students are certified teachers trained in traditional methods as well as the most current advancements in literacy education research.


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