Pastoral Counseling
1. Features and Benefits

On our life's journey we often rely on several sources for support: psychological, emotional, and spiritual. When it comes to professional counseling at the Loyola Clinical Centers, you have options. Located at the Columbia campus in Howard County, the Clinical Centers' Pastoral Counseling services offer you the scientific approach of professional psychotherapy and counseling combined with an integrated spiritual dimension.

While providing quality outpatient mental health care, Pastoral Counseling clinicians also address matters of spiritual care in a non-sectarian way. You don't have to be of a specific faith or religious belief to take advantage of pastoral counseling services. Our student clinicians are closely supervised by a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and have more than 400 clinical hours of experience. And with the average age of our students at 45 years old, they have acquired the necessary life experience to help guide you with your own life's challenges.

Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, behavior and attention problems, or major life stress and conflicts, such as low self-esteem, divorce, bereavement, and family or career conflicts, our unique, client-centric approach will help guide you through the healing process to overcome your challenges and ultimately find peace of mind.

2. Full Accreditation / Professional / APA Standards

All pastoral counseling services provided by the Loyola Clinical Centers are confidential and follow the ethical guidelines established by the American Counseling Association and American Association of Pastoral Counselors. In addition, all student clinicians are closely supervised by professionals who are licensed to practice in the State of Maryland.

The Loyola Clinical Centers are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant for confidentiality and privacy in your treatment.

Conversation in an office 3. Great place to train others and be trained

Pastoral Counseling services at the Loyola Clinical Centers' Columbia campus in Howard County offer graduate students, psychologists, and counselors the unique opportunity to acknowledge and engage with the spiritual dimensions of their clients' lives while providing them with comprehensive and affordable psychological services for a wide range of difficulties.

As a master's or doctoral student in Loyola's Pastoral Counseling program, you will gain hands-on clinical experience and relevant fieldwork at the Loyola Clinical Centers, while working closely with a licensed supervisor. As a supervisor, you can employ your expertise to help train future counselors, while providing compassionate, affordable care to your neighbors. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to pursue your own advanced scholarly research. With the support of the University, not to mention a cohort of talented graduate students eager to assist you in your work, you have the support and resources available to prepare significant scholarly contributions for peer review and ultimately advance knowledge in the field.

The community environment of the Loyola Clinical Centers reflects Loyola's devotion to education, service, and comprehensive care—proving that integrated service can truly benefit the community, students, and professionals.

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Danielle LaSure-Bryant, Ed.D.
Division Director, Pastoral Counseling

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Pastoral Counseling

A group therapy program in pastoral counseling helped Barbara connect with others caring for ill and disabled loved ones.

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