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Class of 2012
Talin Afarian

Brianna Panzica
This Junior bella is finally back after a semester abroad in RAH RAH RA-A-AH ROMA ROMA MA – forgive me, I couldn’t help myself. Right, so she studied in Rome. Hopefully, she has had enough pizza, pasta, and gelato to tide her over for a while. Now, it is time for her to get back to work! We need her graceful voice to send a chill up and down the spines of audience members. Yes, our very own starling, this seemingly quiet girl, could beat out a starling in a singing competition. She is responsible for the heavenly high notes that add so much to a women’s singing group. We are excited to have her back – now that we do, we will never let her go…
Caitlin Aymong
Caitlin is a Junior at Loyola in her third year of Belles. If “Belles” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Caitlin, well, that might be due to the fact that this busy bee has her hand in almost everything a Loyola student could dream to be involved in. Her warm and accepting demeanor really shows through at practice and on stage. Unfortunately, her desire to do everything has taken her to Copenhagen for the Spring semester. So, not only will we be one voice quieter, but you may also notice there will be a decrease in dancing during performances. As much as we all hope she loves her time away, we will be eagerly awaiting her return next fall!
Diana DeMallie
This endearing belle is gearing up for her second year with the group! We know we’re excited to see what she has in store. See, Diana started off her Belles career as a somewhat shy character. Always nice, always a ton a fun! … but on the quieter side. We soon realized that when she did open her mouth, she never failed to make us double over laughing. It’s this secret side of Diana that keeps us on our toes for the future! We have no doubt, she is just waiting for the right moment to blow us all away at Chordbusters. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for it, we promise you won’t want to miss it!
Tori Notarangelo
TORIIIII is also a Junior Belle and she is ALSO leaving us for the wonderful world of Alcala, Spain in the Spring. It will be such a shame to see her go! She has become our “pop princess” and our set will not be the same without her. With a very versatile voice, we can pretty much stick this chica on any voice part and she shines! Although sometimes we worry that if we keep her at practice for too long, she will turn into a feisty meerkat. Eek! We will miss her dearly, and have high hopes for her upon her return!
Class of 2011
Christina Uliano
Christina is the President of Belles this year! And what a job she has done so far. Even though some of us know her as the best listener in the world, it is not just her ability to take in information that makes her so inspirational, but her ability to produce some of the most wonderful sounds for us to listen to. She really showed her true colors during her soulful (and authentic) version of Love Lockdown her first year of Belles. And since then has traveled across the world (to Rome!) and back to be with us again for her Senior year. It is truly a blessing to have her singing with us again, so tune in to hear her billowing sultry low notes at our next performance!
Ryn Tracey
Ryn has led the Belles for THREE WHOLE YEARS (though for some, as co-musical director) which is, I’m not afraid to say, the longest reign of any musical director the Loyola Belles have seen. Not only does she understand how to choose impressive songs that will show off our individual talents, but she knows how to arrange songs to keep them interesting for the members of the group AND the audience. After arranging, she teaches the songs to us, and has successfully taught 5-part songs in under one hour. To compare, that process often takes the rest of us four hours. As if that isn’t enough, she sings like a goddess on top of it all. She has seen us through the worst of times and brought us to the best of times, undoubtedly. Never once giving up on our ability to be the best, she was able to glean the greatest esteem from each and every Belle by the spring of her Senior year. She has left behind some clownishly large shoes for us to fill.
Jessica Aumack
Vice President of Belles (aka Princess). Jess is a Senior at Loyola with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. Impressive, huh? But that isn’t why we think she’s so special. This beauty is back for her fourth and (dare I say it?) final semester of Belles this Spring. If you have been to a Chordbusters in the past two years, you have certainly felt the energy in the room rise as she steps up to the microphone. She is an incredible asset to the group musically and emotionally. Even at our lowest, she has the ability to pump up the rest of us! We are savoring every moment we have left with her on and off the stage. We encourage you to do the same.
Kelly Troccoli
Our super-fabulous Long Island girl! Kelly is a friend to all, lovable and caring. She is kind in every sense of the word and we miss her in our group dearly! She knows exactly where to go to the bathroom (thank you, Paul Bunyan) and how to have a good time. Just don't rip your pants, Kel. We love you!
Class of 2010
Meg Faletra
Yes, she's adorable. And yes, she's fun. But you probably know her best as the belting blonde. We know her as the one girl you can always count on to keep things from getting out of hand. No matter what, Meg has always kept this group as cool as a cucumber. She's amazed us all with her roaring solo in the Fall and has amazed us yet again (this time not as happily) with the news that she will have to take some time off in the Spring. Though she will not be performing with us, it is certain that her love for the group will continue to show.
Lindsay Gallagher
Where to begin? Lindsay is a wonderful belle to meet and an impossible belle to forget. It is up to you to decide whether it's her heart-stopping performance that leaves you with a lasting impression or her sense of humor that keeps even the grumpiest Gus's laughing weeks later. For me, it was both... and her mother hen tendencies. She sung her way into the hearts of Chordbusters attendees with Leona Lewis's "Happy" this past fall... funny... isn't happiness a synonym for Glee?
MaryAnne McElroy
MaryAnne adds a multitude of impressive ingredients to our group - in addition to (obviously) singing, she can speak Chinese. How cool is that? Her tantalizing Chordbusters apparel is in constant competition with her enchanting voice... Bad Romance, anyone? She's talented, incredibly smart, beautiful, incessantly positive, and what can we say... we just love ya, MaryAnne!
Laura Neiman
It's like she was given a gift by someone at birth, I swear. Not the gift of nestling herself inside a giant marshmallow... although I can understand how that would impress. But the gift of arranging music. With the absence of Ryn this semester, Laura has the exciting job of teaching us how to sing all to herself! Can she do it? Of course she can, Laura can do anything. She can hit low notes that would make the average girls' throat fall out and hit 'em with gusto. Outside of belles, she's always available to listen to us when we need to talk... just make sure not to call her when she's taking a nap.
Nicola McQuiston
If ever there was a girl who lived and breathed a cappella as much as this fine lady, I would love to meet her. Until then, it will suffice to say that Nicola has insurmountable passion for what we do. Even while traveling the world in France and New Zealand! It was this dedication that earned her the job of being our President for this year! She has had the busiest schedule of any Belles President since 1902, but does an exemplary job of fulfilling duties. right now she's helping prepare us for ICCA's, several mini-concerts, a CD to be released in the Spring, Chordbusters, and eventually to take over the world. If you find her on campus producing a rupture of sounds, please don't worry, she's just practicing what she does best! (vocal percussion, of course)
Marie Gause
Well she may look quiet, but don't be fooled. This Southern Belle is the reason our spines tingle at the end of a song. Those far-reaching high notes that we're almost certain can't come from a real person are actually flowing effortlessly out of Marie's very own mouth! We'll be driving through her home state soon on our way to South Carolina. This time, Marie, we promise to stop at Bojangles!
Class of 2009

Hannah Blauvelt

Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic, this super busy senior has a lot on her plate! But that hasn't stopped Hannah from joining us this year to produce some of the sweetest sounds this side of B-more. There's a lot in store for this young lady in the upcoming weeks, but she's making her way to the diploma line one step at a time. Hannah's been an invaluable asset to the Belles and we love her! Any thoughts about becoming a super senior???
Jillian Delos Reyes
Ay, Mami! "Where's Gigi?" Gigi's rarin' to round off senior year on a high note! We've found our Boo Radley again, who isn't really a Boo Radley at all, but earned the nickname after stating that Boo Radley is exactly who she did not want to be with her leaving us after only half a year. We just call her Boo. Our little Boo. Enjoy the rest of senior year Gigi! Please don't stop the music!
Stephanie Lenow
Steph, or as we affectionately call her, Lenow, is the superpsychednewpresidentofBelles along with Erin. With her unparalleled attention to detail and her knack for deep thinking (the Zone), the Belles have an organized and productive year ahead of them. Don't be fooled, though. Lenow sure knows how to have a good time. And when she turns on those blinking blue beauties and the powerhouse vocals, watch out boys!
Jenna O'Connell
Our little adventure seeker, her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world. She just returned from New Zealand and is ready to re-take the stage by storm. Jenna will resume her infamous side to side bounce and knock our socks off with a few more tunes one step at a time. Let's just hope her semester abroad has taught her that there are better places to hang out than the second stall of the women's restroom below McManus!
Erin Ruane
Erin Ruane: our free spirit president with the voice of an angel. Her talent as a performer stretches far beyond singing. Erin's acting ability is phenomenal and she has become adept at comedic ad-libbing, which particularly comes in handy when she forgets the words to...um...every single one of her solos. That's okay though! Audiences rarely notice the slip ups because they're drooling over luscious Irish locks and gorgeous vibrado. You hang in there, Er! "Baby, I'm so into you. You got that something it's easy to see!"
Class of 2008
Kelly Birzes
In your eyes, Kelly may be a sweety with a nice smile and pleasant disposition, but don't let the face fool you. She's been known to dip so low as to bang out a few notes in the Bass range and will literally blow you away with the big voice that comes out of such a little person. We're amazed every time Kel steps up to the mic. We know having such a talent in the group is risky, but "it's ok, it's a chance we'll have to take."
Landi Edwards
Landi has been known to bust out solos the likes of which Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, and Brandi would be jealous. She has an amazing voice and her vocal percussion is improving every time we see her! A devoted student and loyal friend, Landi will be dearly missed next year. She has a bright future ahead of her, however, as she will most likely be a doctor. We'll be counting on you to fix up our dancing injuries after next years ICCAs, Landi-love!
Callie Goff
I bet you're wondering what the President of the Belles is like. Let me introduce you to Callie Goff. All Callie wants to do is have some fun. Callie (and Taryn) led the Belles this year, first to the recording studio on York Rd., next to Elon, then Washington and Lee. Callie saved the Belles, first with her excellent driving skills on a rural Vermont road, and then with her CRAZY idea for an encore to our Spring show. Cal, hey, you're a crazy girl but you sing so good I'm on top of it.
Margaret MacGibeny

Taryn O'Leary
Meet Taryn, super Soprano and one of the co-presidents of Belles. She deals with the business side of things and with all the Belles have done this past semester, we're surprised she, along with all the seniors, is still sane! But Taryn is a true Irish girl (actually she has dual citizenship) so you know how she deals... T will miss the Belles terribly in the Fall when she will enter grad school in Denmark. We're sure she'll cope, though. Have fun Taryn!
Class of 2007
Mary Czar
Chrissy Theis
Class of 2006
Liz Welch
Melissa Dorso
Class of 2005
Stephanie Borris