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Prospective Members

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Want to help us make some noise?

New Belles are chosen at the beginning of each fall semester.  Look for our table at the Activities Fair in the early Autumn or keep your eyes peeled for flyers advertising the date, time and place of auditions.

Belles in the Classroom

What do I bring to auditions?

Please come to auditions with a song that you have prepared to sing a cappella.  You can sing a verse and refrain or more.  We want to hear your range and your best vocal ability.  Also, bring a pen to fill out your audition form.

What should I sing?

If you have a high soprano voice, choose a song that you sing to make Mariah jealous.  If you go low low low, serenade us with some Tracy Chapman.  If you can do both, find a song that crosses the vocal range universe and if you're somewhere in the middle then knock our socks off with your favorite solo.  We love hearing us some good singing no matter what type of voice so just come say hi if you love to sing!  The passion is the most important part!

How many people are chosen?

The Belles are composed of twelve to eighteen members per year, depending upon who studies abroad and what vocal range is needed.  These numbers and the voice parts needed are never set in stone, however.

What kind of person is the ideal Belle?

Any person with a passion for singing is the ideal Belle.  We are a very diverse group with many types of voices, from jazz to pop to vocal percussion, and every year we welcome any girls who share in our love for music.

What kind of a commitment is Belles?

The Belles practice two to three times a week, although the greatly anticipated tech week before Chordbusters, we require attendance for the duration of the week.  Throughout the semester, we perform at any number of events on and off campus.  We also hold recording sessions every other year to produce an album.

What is Chordbusters?

Only the greatest event ever organized in the history of Loyola!  At the end of each semester, the Belles join the Chimes to put on the a highly anticipated, two night concert series in Loyola's McManus Theater.  All a cappella, all night. Can you handle it?!