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Alex Levy

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Chimes member Alex Levy

Alex Levy: Hailing from the eastern state of Connecticut, Alex Levy loves to absorb life and its intricacies. If you happen to see the Chimes in concert, you might find him standing in the Leads section, where he makes wonderful and interesting sounds. This goes without saying that he loves to rock to “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and other familiar favorites. In the world of non-music, you will find that Alex tends to have fascination with many things. Take for example his interests in Arrested Development, Straight No Chaser, Michael Phelps and the New York Giants. While this information is from his Facebook Profile that hasn’t updated in years, Alex loves conversing with others about a diverse set of topics. If you know Alex, you know he has a keen fascination with Apple Products. If you know him well enough, you would also know that he owns an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iStock, and other useful Apple products. Urban legend even suggests that Alex is currently training to be the strongest Chipotle/Qdoba eater to ever live to combat those who insult Apple products.