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Summer Courses at Loyola

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Loyola offers two summer sessions:
  • Summer I: June 1 - July 14, 2016

    (Last day to withdraw with a grade of 'W' - June 21, 2016)
  • Summer II: July 18 - August 25, 2016

    (Last day to withdraw with a grade of 'W' - August 4, 2016)

WebAdvisor Summer Registration

Continuing undergraduate students must contact AASC at 410-617-5050, at AASC@loyola.edu, or in person, to discuss your summer course selection(s) prior to registering for the summer through Web Advisor.

After reviewing your course selection(s), AASC will enter an eletronic code giving you access to web-register for the course(s) as long as all restrictions have been met and the section(s) are open.

Exceptions to all course prerequisites, co-requisites, and restrictions require written permission from the department chair and cannot be registered electronically.

In-person Summer Registration

Summer registration forms are available in AASC and in Records (MH 141). Students must obtain a signature from an administrator in AASC prior to registering for summer courses. When you are officially registered for the course, it will appear on your Web Advisor schedule.

Please see the Records Office website for complete instructions on registration and payment. Current availability of courses can be viewed using WebAdvisor.

Newly admitted, readmitted, first-time transfer, visiting, or special students must register in person. Contact AASC at 410-617-5050 to set up an appointment. If you have not yet applied for admission to Loyola, please contact the admission office at 1-800-221-9107 or 410-617-5012 or visit their website.