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Faculty Excellence Celebration

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Each year, the office of academic affairs sponsors a celebration to gather faculty and recognize the scope of faculty excellence at Loyola in teaching, scholarship, mentoring, and engaged scholarship. Formerly known as the Deans' Symposium, the celebration has taken place on Maryland Day since 1997. Reconfigured in 2017, the celebration includes conferring six university-wide faculty awards, a brief scholarly presentation from the recipient of the Distinguished Scholar of the Year award, and highlights of the past year of grant recipients and grant activity, teaching and advising activity, and faculty scholarship and creative activity.


  • Afra Ahmed Hersi, Ph.D., Teacher Education, "Race, Immigration, and Education: Lessons Learned from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students"
  • Anthony Villa, D.M.A., Fine Arts, "Singing Without Words"


  • Diana J. Schaub, Ph.D., Political Science, "The Gettysburg Address: Statesmanship in Speech"
  • Frank D'Souza, Ph.D., Finance, "Behavioral Finance and Equity Market Timing"


  • Elizabeth Dahl, Ph.D., Chemistry, "Biogeochemistry - an Ecological Way of Proceeding"
  • Mark Osteen, Ph.D., English, "Nightmare Alley: Film Noir and the American Dream"


  • Peter R. Litchka, Ed.D., Education Specialties, "Dilemmas and Decision-Making: School Superintendents and Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the Contemporary Educational Environment"
  • Paul P. Tallon, Ph.D., Information Systems and Operations Management, "Governance of Big Data: Perspectives on Value, Risk, and Cost"


  • Rachel L. Grover, Ph.D., Psychology, "Girl Friend, Boy Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend: Negotiating Difficult Other-Sex Situations in the Teen Years"
  • Graham James McAleer, D.Phil., Philosophy, "The Morals and Politics of the Lord of the Rings"


  • Christopher H. Morrell, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics, "Prostate Cancer: Using a Statistical Model to Predict Disease"
  • Stephen J. K. Walters, Ph.D., Economics, "The Treatment of Capital and the Destiny of Cities"
  • Peter L. Rennert-Ariev, Ph.D., Education Specialties, "The Hidden Curriculum of Teacher Education Reform"


  • John D. Burger, Ph.D., Economics, "Local Currency Bond Markets and Global Financial Stability"
  • Leslie Zarker Morgan, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures, "A Key Signature: The Gonzaga Huon d'Auvergne and Franco-Italian Cultural Relations 1341 - 1441"


  • Yoon S. Shin, Ph.D., Finance, "Role and Influence of Credit Rating Agencies in Global Financial Markets"
  • Dawn J. Lawrie, Ph.D., Computer Science, "Improving Software for Programmer Comprehension and Automated Analysis"
  • Marie Celeste, Ed.D., Teacher Education, "The Impact of Visual Impairment/Blindness Upon the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children"


  • Gloria Phillips-Wren, Ph.D., Information Systems and Operations Management, "Assisting Human Decision Making with Intelligent Systems"
  • Elizabeth S. Schmidt, Ph.D., History, "Cold War in Guinea: Mass Mobilization and the End of Empire in French West Africa, 1946 - 1958"


  • Michael Burton, Ph.D., Sociology, "Elite Foundations of Liberal Democracy"
  • Norman H. Sedgley III, Ph.D., Economics, "Alternative Theoretical Frameworks for Understanding Economic Growth"


  • L. Mickey Fenzel, Ph.D., Education and Psychology, "Nativity Schools: transforming the Lives of Urban Children"
  • Gerard A. Athaide, Ph.D., Marketing, "Managing Seller-Buyer Relationships during the Commercialization of Technology-Based Innovations"


  • R. Keith Schoppa, Ph.D., History, "Fighting Bubonic Plague in Two Chinese Cities, 1940 - 1941"
  • Joanne Li, Ph.D., CFA, Finance, "Corporate Governance: The Past and the Future"


  • Libby B. Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology,  "Changing Perception, Changing Reality: The Impact of Improved Communication Skills on the Lives of Individuals with Down Syndrome"
  • Anthony J. Mento, Ph.D., Management, "A Journey of Discovery: Reflection, Visual Thinking and Creativity"


  • Robert S. Miola, Ph.D., Classics and English, "Voices from the Past: Catholicities and Canonicities"
  • Marianne H. Ward, Ph.D., Economics, "Measuring British Decline: Direct versus Long Span Income Measures"


  • Arthur L. Delcher, Ph.D., Computer Science, "Computational Genomics: Assembling and Analyzing Large-Scale DNA Sequences"
  • Richard R. Klink, Ph.D., Strategic and Organizational Studies, "On the Extendibility of Brand Names"


  • Roger J. Kashlak, Ph.D., Strategic and Organizational Studies, "Using Anthropology, Sociology and Biology to Better Understand Cross-Border Business Cooperations"
  • Matthew W. Kirkhard, Ph.D., Psychology, "I Said Don't Do That: An Examination of Various Factors that Affect Instruction Following"


  • Francis G. Hilton, S.J., Ph.D., Economics, "Economics and the Quest for Environment Quality"
  • Mary L. Lowe, Ph.D., Physics, "Developing a Bead-based Method for Bioremediation Applications"


  • Ralph L. Piedmont, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling, "Pastoral Counseling: Seeking Scientific Answers to Spiritual Questions"
  • David B. Rivers, Ph.D., Biology, "Regulation of Fly Development by the Parasitic Wasp Nasonia Vitripennis"


  • Elliot W. King, Ph.D., Communication, "Teaching Space, Public Space and Cyberspace: New Media in Liberal Arts Education"
  • Phoebe C. Sharkey, Ph.D., Economics, "Measuring Patient Outcomes: Two Decades of Evaluating Health Care Delivery in a Cost Containment Environment"