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Reimagining the Undergraduate Curriculum

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Time and Depth for and with Loyola University Maryland: Reimagining the Undergraduate Curriculum
(VPAA letter to faculty, Sep 2015)

Criteria for a reimagined curriculum:

  1. Does the reimagined framework nurture an intentional and thoughtful relationship between students and the courses they are taking?
  2. Is the reimagined framework nimble?
  3. Can we develop a framework that values and creates time for extended, concentrated engagement within and across areas of study?
  4. Can a reimagined curricular framework take intellectual development into account?

Process and Engagement Opportunities

 Time & Depth                                                               fall 14  Time & Depth for and with Loyola
 (VPAA address)
Informal faculty
conversation and discovery                                           
spring 15 

 Big Questions on Time & Depth
 (VPAA white paper)

 Time & Depth Faculty Conversations
 (summary, 3 pages)

 Time & Depth Faculty Conversations
 (full notes, 24 pages)

 National and Institutional Background
 (Board of Trustees slides)

Reimagining: listening sessions                                                                          

fall 15

 Time/Depth for Gritty, Sticky Learning 
 (VPAA address)
 VPAA Charge to the Reimagining Team
 (VPAA letter and examples)
 Reimagining Team Response        
                                                                   Relationship to Shared Governance              
                                                                     Listening Sessions Summary                

Reimagining: drafting                         

spring 16                     

 Elements of our current framework  

 Course requirements by major
 (current framework)

 Letter to Community                               
 (from the Reimagining team)                                                      
 Spring Listening Session: data analysis

 Pressure Points on Current Curriculum (key data)

 Draft Proposed Framework
 (from the Reimagining team) 

 VPAA Note to Community 
 (preliminary notes and reflections on framework)        

 To come                                                    fall 16  

Resources and Entry Points

On pedagogy and student learning (e.g., high impact practices)

On interdisciplinary inquiry

On the Jesuit education model today

On the liberal education model today

On the future of undergraduate education