Loyola University Maryland

Academic Affairs and Diversity

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The office of academic affairs and diversity supports faculty efforts to enhance the University's curriculum with diversity-infused academic content, and works collaboratively with administrators, staff, and campus organizations to create a welcoming climate for all members of the Loyola community.

The office of academic affairs and diversity is a signal part of the University's commitment to enhancing diversity on campus. The office has initiated a number of climate-enhancing activities that support the University's efforts to teach students to learn, live, and lead in a diverse and changing world. Specifically, the office assists departments in their recruitment and retention of faculty, administrators, and staff of color, organizes and executes workshops designed to help faculty revise their syllabi using diversity-infused materials, oversees the Teaching Fellowship program, has established a faculty mentoring program for tenure track faculty, and works collaboratively with a variety of offices on campus.

Through work with the University's Diversity Committee, the office reaches all levels of activity on campus promoting constructive conversation, collaboration, and encouraging mutually supportive linkages with other colleges in Baltimore.