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Multicultural Curriculum Infusion Workshop

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The Multicultural Curriculum Infusion Workshop (MCIW) is an annual award-winning curricular development and teaching enhancement program that supports faculty members as they infuse course syllabi with discipline specific content that considers diversity issues. The program has undergone many changes since its inception in 1995. As it currently operates, the workshop offers a four-day intensive program of conversation, personal reflection, study, and syllabus revision, all done in collaboration with other faculty colleagues and a guest expert. Over the last five years, the guest experts have included academic consultants and faculty from Research I universities: Dr. Diane J. Goodman (Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating People from Privileged Groups, 2001);  Dr. Helen Fox (When Race Breaks Out": Conversations about Race and Racism in College Classrooms, 2001); and Dr. Maurianne Adams (Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, 2000, and Readings for Social Justice and Diversity, 2000).

The workshop is intended to:

  • Promote a developing sense of community among the faculty participants;
  • Encourage frank and constructive conversation about teaching a diversity-infused syllabus;
  • Help faculty recognize and teach in light of increasing cultural and classroom diversity;
  • Provide resources that encourage the efficacious use of diversity-infused content and pedagogical techniques.

Faculty participants enjoy access to colleagues who are making similar changes in their syllabi and pedagogical habits.

Topics recently considered include:

  • The Diversity Requirement, Academic Freedom, and Intellectual Diversity;
  • Writing and Infusion;
  • Service-Learning: Race, Difference, Reflection, and the Service-Learning Opportunity;
  • Pedagogy and the diversity-infused syllabus
  • Preparing for the new diversity requirement: what does it take?
  • Understanding our stories, and our students' stories, of race and difference
  • Developing and planning to teach a diversity course
  • Gaining greater facility and comfort in the classroom when "race (or any other difference) breaks out"

For additional information and questions, please visit the office of academic affairs and diversity at 120 Jenkins Hall, call 410-617-2988, or email Dr. Martha L. Wharton, assistant vice president for academic affairs and diversity at mwharton1@loyola.edu.