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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Subcommittee on Diversity (UCCSD)

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Subcommittee of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Subcommittee on Diversity invites faculty to submit course applications for diversity course designation. The DCR requires every Loyola student to complete one course with a focus on global awareness, justice awareness, or domestic diversity awareness. The course can also fulfill core or major/minor requirements.

Criteria for Courses to fulfill DCR

To receive approval as a course that fulfills the DCR, courses must meet the criteria specified in the requirement passed by the Academic Senate in December 2012. The course must include "a substantial focus on global, justice or domestic diversity awareness."  This focus needs to be reflected in course materials and should be present throughout more than half of the course," according to the Academic Senate‚Äôs document.  Furthermore, the course must require students to reflect on and understand issues related in at least one of the three aspects of diversity described in the DCR.  The text of the requirement also outlines the conditions that must be met for the DCR to apply for incoming first year students.  Courses must be offered to accommodate at least 15% of all students to whom the requirement applies. Ten percent of this course must fulfill core curriculum requirements, and courses from a minimum of six departments need to be offered at least once a year.

The full text of the DCR, application materials, and sample application materials are available below:

Contact UCCSD members for more information

Members of the UCCSD are eager to work with individuals and departments on diversity course designation applications.  For more information, please contact UCCSD members: Joseph S. Rossi, S.J. (Theology), Diana Schaub, (Political Science), Angela Christman (Theology), Ryan Blake (Student Government Association), and Martha Wharton, ex officio (Academic Affairs).

Submit an application

The UCCSD's deadline for submission of applications in the Spring Semester 2014 is April 29. Applications, together with a course syllabus and all pertinent attachments, should be submitted to Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Subcommittee on Diversity, c/o its Chair, Joseph S Rossi, jsrossi@loyola.edu.