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Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team) Peer Educators

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ADAPT is a peer education group committed to empowering, educating and creating change among our peers and our community. ADAPT increases awareness about wellness issues related to alcohol and other drug use.

ADAPT is not opposed to alcohol use, just alcohol misuse. ADAPT peer educators believe in educating and empowering peers to make healthy choices and decisions. We believe in helping students to gain knowledge and giving students the information to make their own decisions.

ADAPT peer educators are involved in the development and presentation of alcohol and other drug awareness presentations in classrooms and residence halls. ADAPT also plan several campus-wide education and social programs throughout the school year.

ADAPT Programs

Leadership Training

ADAPT peer educators also provide training to student leadership groups. Along with supplying current statistical information about Loyola student alcohol and drug behaviors, student leaders will discuss the myths and realities of Loyola's social climate. Students will also discuss the privileges and responsibilities that come with being a leader on campus and brainstorm ways to support a culture of health, safety and school pride!

To request a program, or for more information, please email Zachary Hitchens at zthitchens@loyola.edu or call the ADESS office at ext. 2928.


  • Become a nationally certified peer educator.
  • Gain real experiences in public speaking, communication, program planning, and health education.
  • Leadership opportunities and experience!
  • No experience necessary—we'll train you!
  • A great way to meet other caring and fun students!

To apply, contact the ADESS Office at ext. 2928 or email zthitchens@loyola.edu.