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Alcohol and Drug Education and Support Services, & Health Promotion

Adult Children of Alcoholics

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Almost half of Loyola students have a family history of alcohol and/or other drug problems.  ADESS offers both education and support to these students in order to empower them to explore the impact alcoholism and/or other addiction may have on their own behaviors and relationships.

What is an ACOA?

An individual who was raised in a family where a parent or other caretaker has/had a problem with alcohol or drugs. Now that I'm an adult, why does it matter? The following represent difficulties that ACOAs commonly experience:

  • An unhealthy relationship with substances (sometimes an extreme discomfort around others using substances) and a higher risk of development of a problem.
  • Difficulties in relationships, including development of trust.
  • Eating disorders and body image problems.
  • A need to be in control at all times.
  • Difficulty in being spontaneous and having fun.
  • Extreme perfectionism.
  • Continued unhealthy involvement with family.

What can I do?

Contact ADESS at 410-617-2928. We offer both individual and group services focusing on family of origin issues. Attend an ALANON/ACOA meeting. You can recover from someone else's addiction.