Loyola University Maryland

Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

Stick Figure Campaign

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Nine posters were created with a variety of prevention message related to alcohol. The posters were created to catch students attention and to send important messages on key issues that face our students.

Four posters provide safety tips for people who choose to drink alcohol. This harm reduction approach recognizes the reality that most students come to college with some experience with alcohol and some ways of consuming alcohol are safer than others.

Three of the posters are aimed at friends helping friends in the face of a potential dangerous situation with alcohol, for example, when someone requires immediate medical attention from alcohol poisoning. The campaign also looks at bystander intervention, and the role a friend or bystander has to intervene if someone needs help.

Two posters support not drinking alcohol, whether that is a decision one makes from time to time or all the time.

To receive a set of the nine posters, please send an email to aapearlmansax@loyola.edu or call 410-617-2928.