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If you are a member of the affiliate faculty at Loyola, this site provides you with information that will be helpful in getting started at the University. This site provides you with a convenient way to check for announcements, important links, updates, and other information you need to know.

Our affiliate faculty members come from every discipline as well as a varied background in the business and professional world that broadens and compliments the role of our full-time faculty. Each affiliate faculty member brings to the University his or her own unique practical, educational, and pedagogical experience that enhances the educational experience of our students. We value your contribution and encourage you to be engaged in our vibrant intellectual and artistic community!

Meet the director of Affiliate Faculty Training Programs:

Ms. Lynne C. Elkes

Ms. Lynne C. Elkes, MBA

Ms. Lynne C. Elkes serves as director of Affiliate Faculty Training Programs. She is a member of the affiliate faculty in the department of economics (Sellinger School). In this role, she organizes and facilitates the orientation sessions for new affiliate faculty, and coordinates teaching workshops and other faculty development activities. Ms. Elkes is available to streamline your acclimation to Loyola as you navigate the challenges and rewards of the classroom, as well as the overall system in which we operate. By taking a personal interest in your success at Loyola, she welcomes affiliate faculty with a hands-on approach. With 20 years of teaching experience at Loyola, Ms. Elkes is a resource for new and returning affiliate faculty. Please feel free to contact her at any time regarding policies, teaching issues, and any other issues you have as a valued member of our affiliate faculty.