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Candles"Prayer for others… is the very beat of a compassionate heart. To pray for a friend who is ill, for a student who is depressed, for a teacher who is in conflict; for people in prisons, in hospitals, on battlefields; for those who are victims of injustice, who are hungry, poor, without shelter; for those who risk their career, their health, and even their life in struggle for social justice; for leaders of church and state, to pray for all these people is not a futile effort to influence God’s will, but a hospitable gesture by which we invite our neighbors into the center of our hearts. When we come before God with the needs of the world, the healing love of the Holy Spirit that touches us, touches with the same power all those whom we bring before him." - Henri Nouwen
As a member of the Loyola community, you are invited to light a candle and request prayers for yourself or anyone in need. To do so, click the link below and type in your prayer. When your request is accepted it will be posted here. Please remember also to hold in prayer the needs and requests of other community members recorded on this site each day.

Light a Candle for a Prayer Request   

Prayer for My Brother

For the healing, strength and courage for my brother, Stephen, who is battling esophageal cancer for 2 years. 

submitted by Susan on 1/24/2017

Prayer for My Mom

My mom is 91 and in the last stage of dementia.  Please pray for her and my sister, Florette, who cares for her daily.  

submitted by J.D. on 1/20/2017

Pastoral Counseling Program

For strength, guidance and peace during this difficult time.  

submitted by Susan on 1/17/2017

Prayer for Health

For my family members who are sick and distressed.  

submitted by J.D. on 1/1/2017

Class of 2020

As the Class of 2020 begins their Loyola journey, help them to treat each other with compassion, love and respect. God, keep them safe but let them have fun too.

submitted by P.T.B. on 06/14/2016

Pray for Older Parents

Dear Lord, please look upon my parents with mercy as they get older and sicker. They try to live each day to their fullest, but it's so hard for them. I pray You keep them strong and as healthy as possible. Let them know I love them.

Submitted by Natalie on 11/01/2015

For the Health of Clarisa

Lord, please have mercy of your daughter Clarisa and grant her the gift of being a mother. She is pregnant with twins, please Lord have mercy on them and may they be born healthy and strong, so they can love you with all of their hearts. Lord, please give Clarisa's mother the gift of faith so she can be strong in You and be strong for her daughter. Amen.

Submitted by SA on 10/08/2015

Holy Mother, Pray For Us

For my sister and her broken relationship with her son.

Submitted by LAF on 10/02/2015

Prayer Offerings

For my grandma as she begins her chemo treatment, the health and growth of my family, friends as they transition into their first year in college, my health and continued academic success and for all of those whom I love to remain healthy and to continue their relational growth with God.

Submitted by RDA on 9/16/2015

Financial Help

Please pray to Our Dear Sweet Lord to help my brother and I to close our first fuel deal. We are so close and yet so far apart. We ask for continue peace among ourselves and receive the correct paper to move forward to close. We have been working on this project for four years and learn patience and trust among our fellow associates. Lord, we come to you and ask for help. We can not do this by ourselves. We need the financial help for our families and to reach out to help others in need. Thank you for praying with me. Amen.

Submitted by CC on 4/28/2015

Prayers for Susan

Please join me in prayers for Susan S. that lays in a coma after being hit by a drunk driver. The doctors plan to perform brain surgery on May 1 to release the pressure in her head. We ask for the Loyola Angels to pray for Susan to be healed by the Our Lord and the doctors hands to be guided. We ask for spiritual, emotional, and physical strength for Susan and her family & friends. Thank you for all the heart felt sincere prayers. Amen.

Submitted by CC on 4/28/2015

Suffering of Lung Cancer

Please pray for my husband Bob in support of his courageous battle against lung cancer.

Submitted by LF on 2/28/2015

Pray for Nana

Please pray for my Nana who suffered a heart attack last night and is in the ICU.

Submitted by Kelly on 2/24/2015

Prayers for Kylie and Her Family

Dear Heavenly Father, please welcome 17 year old Kylie into your arms. May she know everlasting peace and joy. Blessed Mother, wrap your mantle around her family and bring them the comfort and peace of your Son at this very difficult time. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Submitted by AMC on 2/7/2015

Prayer Request for Successful Surgery

Please pray for my sister and the Gaffney family. She will undergo open heart surgery this week. About a month and a half ago she was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect.

Submitted by Colin on 2/4/2015

Suffering from Cancer

Please pray for my Uncle Jack in support of his courageous battle against cancer.

Submitted by Chrissy on 2/2/2015


I pray that my daughter, who has been accepted to Loyola's Class of 2019 (and other universities) will discern Our Lord's will for her and choose the school He would have her choose. I also pray that Our Lord of mercy and healing will grant all desires of those posting on this board and their loved ones in accordance with His will. Amen.

Submitted by AMC on 2/2/2015

Pray for the Grogans

Please pray for the Grogan family as Mrs. Grogan is very sick and she and her family needs love and prayers during this time.

Submitted by AD on 1/28/2015

Pray for Magda

Please pray for Magda, my boyfriend's mother who suffered a very bad car accident. She has very bad spinal damage and her surgery this morning failed - the doctors say she may never walk again. God is the only One that can help her. Please keep Magda in your prayers.

Submitted by Samantha on 1/19/2015

For My Mom Who Passed A Year Ago

It has been a year since my mom has passed away and I miss her very much. Through all of the hard times that I had since I've been in college she was always in my corner. And I miss her so much deeply.

Submitted by T on 1/1/2015


Asking that my friendship with Craig turns into a deeper committed relationship. Father, keep me in Craig' heart, in his mind and always in his thoughts. Father God nudge him to ask me out on a real date. Amen.

Submitted by Edie on 12/16/2015

In Memory of My Dad, a Loyola Graduate

Two years ago today my dad, William, passed away. He was a Loyola graduate who valued his Jesuit education and instilled a great sense in me. He inspired me to pursue my own education at Marquette (closer to our home) and I'm so thankful for that because he and my education have made me who I am today. I miss my dad everyday and pray that his heart, mind and spirit are at peace in heaven.

Submitted by Cathy on 11/27/2014

Family Crisis

Our family is currently dealing with a crisis. I ask for God's mercy and strength in our time of need.

Submitted by BH on 11/23/2014

A Favor

Please pray that I may get a suitable life partner. Pray that I may get recover quickly from gum illness. Pray for my dad and mom; for good health and joy. Pray for Israel and all the people of Israel that they may have peace and joy and also for the protection of Jerusalem.

Submitted by Anonymous on 11/19/2014

Healing from Cancer

Dear heavenly Father, you are doctor, nurse and healer of illnesses. Please watch over my sister Becky during her chemo and testing. Amen.

Submitted by Stephanie on 11/16/2014

Healing - Cancer

Dear brothers and sisters, would you please help me pray for my mother María de la Luz? Only God can take cáncer away from her. We believe in the power of prayer. God Bless You All. You are already in my prayers.

Submitted by Gris on 11/13/2014

Prayer Request

Please pray for my health to get better so that I have no more pains in my body or my back bone and no more feelings of pins and needles all over me. I pray that I will stop feeling dizzy and faint. Please pray for positivity and goodness and angles to come into my life and protect me and my baby son, Erick, from spiritual darkness that continues to bother us. Please pray for my son, Erick, to be healed and protected from all kinds of infections and diseases. Amen

Submitted by Gladys on 11/8/2014

Nina Poeta

Please keep Nina Poeta in your hearts and prayers. After a courageous battle with brain cancer, Nina passed away yesterday, November 1st, 2014 on All Saints' Day. She is now finally at peace and rest with God. I pray that Nina’s family, friends, loved ones, and the entire community of Seymour, CT find strength and comfort during this difficult time. #PoetaStrong

Submitted by KA on 8/23/2014


Pray for concentration, grasping power, and analytic ability as I study for my exams starting November 20th. Pray that I pass with good marks.

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/29/2014

Healing from Cancer

Please pray for me. I've been exposed to a certain amount of harmful radiation for a long time (around 3 months straight), and I am aching all over my body, my whole body feels like it's burning. I do not know what to do. I am frightened, but I trust in God. Thank you and God bless.

Submitted by Paul on 10/10/2014

Blessing of My Relationship

Please pray for God's healing and blessing of Jason's relationship with me.

Submitted by Amber on 10/8/2014

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