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February 10-12, 2017

Join us on the Ignite Retreat, formerly the Messina Retreat, to learn how the Ignatian story, at the heart of Loyola’s mission, can connect meaningfully to your life and unique spiritual journey. Open to students of all faith traditions and spiritualities, the weekend will offer opportunities for relationship building, tools for reflection and discernment, and an introduction to themes of Ignatian Spirituality: Finding God in all things, silence, discernment, gratitude and persons for & with others. Through personal and group reflective experiences, this retreat creates a space for exploring who you are in relationship with self, God and others.

Students from all class years are invited to attend the Ignite Retreat in either the fall or spring semester. Like most retreats at Loyola, the Ignite Retreat will be held at our beautiful retreat center on 20 serene acres in the mountains of Western Maryland. You can visit the Loyola University Retreat House Website for more information.

This retreat is offered to students at an introductory price of $35, down from the standard retreat fee of $75.

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Who would be interested?

I've never been on a retreat.
Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Spiritual But Not Religious, Searching...basically you as you are.
JesuWHAT? Who is this Ignatius guy and what is all this talk about Jesuits and Spirituality?
I know some Ignatian themes but don't really know how they connect to my experience.
I'm new to the Loyola community: first years or transfer students
I've been at Loyola for 3 years and want to connect in a new way
... What's your reason?

Student Reflections

"As a person struggling to connect with my faith, the [Ignite] Retreat was incredibly helpful. The retreat provided me with an introduction to basic Ignatian spirituality and concrete practices to live out these ideas through reflection, meditation, discernment and prayer. It allowed me to feel connected to my faith in a way that I have so desperately been desiring. It was truly some of the best couple of days I have had in a long time and I am so grateful to have participated in the [Ignite] Retreat."
— Student Participant 2015

"I had never been on a Jesuit retreat before, so everything was new to me. I really enjoyed the basic meditation, group prayers, and guided personal reflection. After the [Ignite] retreat, I was able to reevaluate how I live and make important decisions about how to balance my day-to-day life."
— Student Participant 2015

If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please contact Claire Hammerschmidt, Campus Ministry Student Intern, at ckhammerschmit@loyola.edu.

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