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Why would I need business cards?

Networking can happen anywhere, anytime - on the airplane on your way home or at more formal networking events, such as career fairs, conferences, employer/speaker events, alumni events or informational interviews. You never know where you may encounter a potential lead or contact. Having business cards with you allows you to always be prepared so you will never miss an opportunity to establish a valuable connection. Let's be honest, you don't always have an extra copy of your resume on hand. Keep some business cards in your pockets, wallet or purse, portfolio, book bag or laptop bag so the next time you meet a professional, you are prepared.

  • Should I wait until my junior or senior year to order business cards?
    • No. You can order business cards as a first-year or sophomore. You could meet your ideal professional connection at any time. Networking early enables you to make connections BEFORE you need them, so having a means to follow-up (by exchanging business cards) is important.
  • I haven't formally declared my major. Can I still order business cards?
    • Yes! If you have an idea of your intended major, then that is what you'll include on your business card.
    • If you are undeclared, then schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor (call The Career Center at 410-617-2232) to start discussing your major and career planning.

How do I order business cards?

You can order business cards through The Career Center, in partnership with Printing Services, by completing the online business cards order form.

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