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Elaine Edelstein

Elaine EdelsteinCareer Center Office Manager


Baltimore, Maryland

Educational Background

Working toward an Associates of Arts degree at Community College of Baltimore County

Childhood Dream Job

Nurse or Teacher

First Job

Cashier at a local delicatessen


Decorating my house, gardening, sewing

Favorite TV Show(s)

The Voice, 60 Minutes, Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel

Favorite Movie(s)

Pitch Perfect, As Good As It Gets

Favorite Music/Artist

Forrest Gump soundtrack, Toby Keith, Barbara Streisand

Dream Vacation Spot

Hawaii, Month-long Mediterranean Cruise

Favorite Quote

"Success is making the best choices we can and accepting them." Sheryl Sandberg

Advice for Students

Read The Jesuit Guide to Everything by Fr. James Martin, S.J. Develop a relationship with a faculty, staff, or administrator on campus who can act as a personal or professional reference.

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