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Job Shadowing Planning For Students

What is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is an experience where you may spend a couple hours, a half day or even a full day at an employer’s or alumnus' office.  Your day will depend on the site, but most likely you will be involved with various activities throughout the day that are typical for the job.  These activities could include observing client meetings, research, computer projects, a tour of the facility, and interacting with other departments within the organization.

The Benefits of Job Shadowing

Job shadowing provides an opportunity to learn more about a particular career.  You can gain insightful knowledge about what a job entails day to day.  It will hopefully help you in your decision to pursue a certain job or career path.  You will also be able to make connections during this process by establishing a relationship with the alumni or employer.

Planning for Job Shadowing Experience

  • Meet with a career advisor to discuss your interest in and for guidance on arranging a job shadowing experience.
  • You will be responsible for contacting the employer directly to set up logistics for your job shadowing experience.  You may want to inquire about the dress code on this first call.
  • Research the company’s website to find out more about them and what they do.
  • You are responsible to arrange your own transportation.
For more information, review and follow the steps for conducting informational interviews.

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