Loyola University Maryland

The Career Center

Help Us Break Career Center Stereotypes

1. Stereotype: The Career Center is only for Seniors.

Reality: The Career Center is seeing all students from first year on. The use of The Career Center has actually seen a significant increase in the first year, sophomore and junior years.

2. Stereotype: The Career Center caters to business majors.

Reality: We have valuable services for all students regardless of one's major. If your son or daughter makes this statement they need more information on the services that we offer. Scheduling an individual appointment will help them!

3. Stereotype: Your major has to dictate your career choice.

Reality: The options for career choices are numerous. We can help your student expand on their thought process.

4. Stereotype: A job will be handed to students by The Career Center.

Reality: We will develop a partnership with each student who uses our Center. We will work with them throughout the process, however, the ultimate responsibility is the student's. The student can have as many individual appointments as they desire.

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