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As a job candidate with a Master of Science in Computer Science or Software Engineering, the world is your oyster! Regardless if you specialize in programming or networking, Computer Science/Software Engineering majors have a myriad of industries to choose from. If you are looking for the top Computer Science/Software Engineering companies, be sure to check out the following resources:

  • HireLOYOLA: Through the employer search, access more than 4,500 companies on the Loyola Career Center recruiting website, includes links to company websites, contact names and information, and job postings. Email The Career Center or call at 410-617-2232 for an account.
  • CareerBeam: Access to over 15 million companies, including international companies in more than 70 countries, 20 million industries, in-depth industry profiles, and more.
  • Book of Lists: Locate top companies in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Visit The Career Center to view the print copy.

Industries to Consider/Organizational Targeting

If you do not want to limit your search to computer technology companies, consider the myriad of companies and organizations who need technology specialists including universities, hospitals, and corporations. In addition, take a look at the resources below which provide varying lists of industries and sectors, all of which need computer science/software engineering professionals.

Professional Associations

See a list of professional associations for computer science professionals (PDF).

Licenses and Certifications

Certifications in computer science and software engineering are great ways to boost your resume and make yourself more attractive to potential employers. Programs are normally sponsored by software development companies or professional associations. For a listing of certifications see the Professional Association link above or search for certification on www.intelligentedu.com.

Visit the computer science department website.

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