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Guide to Networking

Networking is...

  • Building relationships. 
  • Connecting with people who may be able to directly or indirectly assist you in learning more about an industry. 
  • Not asking for a job/internship, but rather building connections and relationships, which may help lead to a position down the road. 
  • Gaining information that can help you choose the right career path, develop your skills, and find rewarding experiences. 

Why network?

  • Meet people and professionals.
  • Explore different career paths.
  • Discover opportunities in your career field of interest.
  • Make connections in your career field or company of interest, leading to additional future connections.
  • Obtain insight about job/internship opportunities BEFORE you decide to apply.

How to Get Started

Creating a network can feel intimidating, especially to individuals who don’t feel they have a lot of connections. Preparing yourself for networking can help to alleviate some of the uncertainties and anxieties of reaching out to people that you do not know. Remember, effective networking begins long before you are seeking an internship or job positionStart Early - "Plant seeds before you need to harvest them".

Imagine Your Network

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