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Informational Interviews

The best way to learn about a career field, job, company or industry is to talk with the people who work in them! And a great way to approach those people is through an informational interview. An informational interview is an interview designed to obtain information on and learn about a particular career field, industry, organization, or job.

Reasons for conducting informational interviews:

  • Explore different career options for your major and clarify your career goal(s);
  • Obtain information about different career fields, jobs, companies or industries, and learn about the skills necessary to succeed;
  • Develop personal connections with professionals - expand your network;
  • Gain insight into the "hidden job market" - employment opportunities not advertised;
  • Understand the needs of employers (in turn, you can become a stronger candidate);
  • Build confidence in talking with professionals in a low-stress environment (prior to your job interviews); and
  • Learn how you may fit into a particular organization

Steps to conducting informational interviews:

Informational interviews can be a great learning tool, but they still require planning and preparation in order for you to make the most of them. Don't confuse informational interviews with job seeking. Never ask for a job during an informational interview. Review the steps below to get started on planning, preparing and conducting your informational interview. Feel free to make an appointment with a career advisor in The Career Center by contacting us at 410-617-2232.

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