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Getting Started

Before you identify who to interview, you must identify what you want to learn about a particular career field, job, company, or industry. Assess yourself, in relation to interests, skills, abilities and values, to determine the best area to research. Get ideas of different career fields and jobs you could pursue through the "What Can I Do With A Major In...?" resource. 

Once you identify some career fields or jobs you would like to learn more about, it is time to identify professionals in those fields and jobs. 

Identifying Who to Interview

What is a day in the life of a physician assistant? How do people get started at Under Armour? What is it like to work in publishing? Informational interviews can help you answer all these questions. You want to establish contacts who work in these fields, jobs, companies or industries. Interviewing different professionals and gathering multiple perspectives will help you achieve a balanced and objective perspective - rather than one person's subjective perspective.

Personal Network

Evaluate your personal network and start with a list of who you already know. For example:  

  • family and friends of the family
  • friends and classmates
  • professors or advisors
  • supervisors or former co-workers
  • neighbors, etc.

Your neighbor may work in an occupation you are considering, or they may have a friend who does. Direct connections or referrals are a great place to start.

LinkedIn Network

Using LinkedIn, you can search for alumni who work (currently or previously) in specific industries, with specific companies or in specific occupations. Or can you simply search for any professional or industry leader. Conduct an advanced search using any number of criteria: school, industry (review a list of LinkedIn industries), company, or title. You can also check out the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to identify/connect with Loyola alumni or utilize the Field of Study Explorer to search for LinkedIn members who share your field of study. Attend a LinkedIn workshop or schedule an appointment with a career advisor (410-617-2232) to learn more about how to navigate LinkedIn.

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