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LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn can be used for many different areas including networking, information seeking, internship/ job search, alumni search, and more. Attend a Career Center LinkedIn workshop to learn more about how to create a profile and make the most of this beneficial resource.

Build Your Profile

Start by identifying on LinkedIn who you are professionally and what skills you have to offer.  Here is a checklist to follow:

  • Photo - Profiles with photographs are 7x more likely to be viewed
  • Headline
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills/Endorsements

Build Your Network

Connect with friends, family, coworkers, professors. Since LinkedIn is a professional social media site, you can reach out to connect with anyone you know. The people you connect with don’t need to be in your field or industry, anyone you connect to may be able to lead you to the person, company, or industry that you are interested in.

  • When making connections, make sure to personalize the message that you are sending - “Hello Pat, I am a current student at Loyola University Maryland, and noticed that you are an alum. I am interested in learning more about the field of psychology and  would be welcome hearing more about what you do and your career path.”


Search industries, positions, or companies you are interested in and learn more about the people working in those areas. What is their educational background? What was their career path? What groups do they follow? What skills do they have? Join Groups

Connect with people who have similar interests, learn what the trends are in industries that you are interested in, join the conversation to build yourself up as an expert.

Follow Companies

Stay informed about company news and updates, products and services, and career opportunities and information. Companies can view their followers, hence it indicates your interest. 

Training Videos to Maximize Your Use of LinkedIn

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