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Joba Adekanmbi

Joba AdekanmbiAs I began my final academic year of the MBA program in the fall of 2010, I decided to seek advice and assistance from The Career Center and begin the job search process early. I setup an appointment and was connected with a career advisor at the Center. The advisor spoke with me at length about my professional goals and desired career path then proceeded to provide guidance until I was able to narrow down my options to clear and specific job descriptions. My job search was unique because of the additional challenges associated with being an international student. Specifically, I required a company that would be willing and able to file an H1B work visa on my behalf. Considering the economic downturn in the United States at the time and the limited number of companies that can meet this requirement, I had an uphill climb ahead of me.

The advisor worked closely with me to develop a resume and sample cover letter that reflected the necessary skill sets I possessed and would be relevant to the positions I was seeking. I was then carefully guided through the process of utilizing Hounds4Hire and other external tools to ensure a successful job search. After a series of correspondence with The Career Center, I felt confident to begin my search. I must admit that the first few job applications I sent out via email to HR contacts and submissions on various company websites were either turned down or not responded to. As I faced initial rejection during my search, I found The Career Center to be a very timely, encouraging and dependable support system to ask questions and seek advice. I found answers to ‘quick questions’ I had as I communicated with multiple HR contacts and I also found advice on how to respond professionally, maintain a positive outlook, and exercise patience.

After a lot of job applications and a few invitations to interview, I finally received an offer of employment from a very reputable Fortune 500 firm. Frankly, the offer and company that made the offer exceeded my expectations and satisfied all my additional requirements as an international student. While I acknowledge that I worked very hard during the process and remained relentless, I must also acknowledge the immense support I received from The Career Center in form of valuable time, relevant advice, and very helpful resources. I am thankful and I encourage all students here at Loyola to utilize this incredible resource available to us!

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Jenelle Conaway

I was a student in the Loyola MBA evening program while working full-time as an auditor at Ellin & Tucker, Chartered (a regional public accounting firm). During the MBA program, we were encouraged to think about how we wanted our graduate education to shape our career paths. Upon completion of the program, I decided that, for me, the MBA was a business foundation for my future career in academia.

Once I had committed to the idea of becoming a professional of accounting, which meant leaving my current job to return to school fill-time for a PhD, I began looking for resources to help me through the application process. I set up a meeting with The Career Center just to see what guidance they could offer to me as an alumni. That first meeting turned into bi-weekly meetings over the course of three to four months. The Career Center became a support system for me throughout the entire application process.

At each meeting with my Career Center advisor, we worked on my resume, personal statements, and discussed the recent developments in my interviews and communication with each of the schools to which I was applying. My advisor provided insightful feedback and was very generous with their time and energy. When we were not meeting in person, my advisor was easily accessible via email for all my last minute questions.

I have since accepted an offer to enter the doctoral program in accounting at Boston University, and I could not be more pleased with my decision. Using The Career Center was critical to me during the application process. I would certainly recommend that alumni remember to use its services when looking to expand or change their careers.

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Joseph Ferrara

Joseph Ferrara

Faced with the daunting task of securing a full-time position prior to graduation (not to the mention on the doorstep of one of the worst economic times our global economy has seen), I heeded the advice of my supportive parents and professors and visited the Loyola University Maryland Career Center. Initially nervous, I hesitantly walked into The Career Center expecting to be bombarded with packets of information and questions about my grade point average. Instead, I was met with a warm reception from The Career Center staff, which seemed eager to personally accept the challenge of facilitating my employment search. Despite the warm welcome, I was almost certain my experience would go something along the lines of what I had heard from my friends who attended many other well-known universities: A staff member would give me a website where I could find a list of possible employment opportunities and I would be told to upload my resume. This could not have been further from the truth.

 On the contrary, I was invited to meet one-on-one with a senior staff member of The Career Center. There I was not lectured to or admonished for a less than 4.00 GPA. On the other hand, the staff member took time out of their busy schedule to first get to know me, to understand my interests, and to understand what drives me. After establishing a relationship between myself and the staff member, I was advised on how I could alter my resume to better accentuate my strengths. I was not told, “Follow this resume format, plug in your information, and you will be fine.” The staff member tailored my resume to fit my specific accomplishments throughout my college career. It was the difference between buying a suit off of the rack available to the general public and having a top flight designer custom produce one for my liking.

Once my resume was complete, I was ready to take full advantage of the plentiful resources and network Loyola had established in the global business community. Although located in the heart of beautiful Baltimore, Maryland, I found Loyola’s Career Center had business ties that reached all corners of the globe. Furthermore, most of the interviews were brought right to every student’s doorstep, as numerous Fortune 500 companies conducted interviews on campus. With Loyola’s Career Center’s help, I was able to parlay a countless number of on campus interviews into multiple job offers.

So the story ends here, right? Not so fast... after having such a great experience as an undergraduate looking for my first full time job using Loyola’s Career Center, I naturally contacted the same staff member I spoke to as a 21 year old. Now, as a 25-year-old, I was curious to see what resources would be available for me as an alumnus nearly four years after my graduation. This time I was not surprised. It was as if I had left off yesterday with The Career Center team. We began shaping my resume to reflect all of the feats I had accomplished over the previous four years. Through The Career Center’s network, I was able to secure an interview with a top public accounting firm.

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Elizabeth Parolski

The Career Center has guided me in the transition from one career to another. I originally thought teaching high school social studies was what I wanted to do. However, I realized that higher education is the field I am called to work in. A career advisor in The Career Center assisted me in making this transition from teacher to graduate student, as well as served as a wonderful guide to the world of higher education. My career advisor provided me with graduate school fairs to attend, positions to apply for, GRE tips and tricks, resume assistance, and helped me with the daunting personal statement for graduate school. With their help I have been accepted to Boston College and was rewarded a scholarship that will pay for at least one semester’s worth of classes! Also, I am starting a paid internship at MIT in the Fall! Graduate school and totally changing my career field was overwhelming, stressful, and confusing; but with my career advisor's help I was able to tackle this task with assistance and success.

As both an undergraduate student and graduate student, The Career Center assisted me in finding and applying for jobs. As an undergraduate student I was able to find nannying and babysitting jobs in Baltimore. The Career Center was able to bring Anne Arundel County Schools to Loyola for interviews, which made me feel much more at ease for the interview. Also I participated in mock interviews with principals and administrators from local schools in order to be the best candidate possible. These practice interviews allowed me to knock my teaching interviews out of the park. Additionally, The Career Center assisted me creating a flawless résumé that I have been complimented on by school systems, graduate schools, and potential employers.

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Christopher Romanelli

Christopher Romanelli

The Career Center is certainly an asset to Loyola. I visited The Career Center during the first semester of my freshman year for a resume critique. I was able to receive one-on-one attention to create an excellent resume. Additionally, at the suggestion of The Career Center advisors, I activated my “Hounds4Hire” account as a freshman. This provided me with the opportunity to have valuable interview experience before many of my peers. Furthermore, the resume and interviewing workshops provided me with knowledge about recruitment processes. Finally, in my junior year I began to take advantage of the Practice Interview Program. This was a superb way to get feedback on my interview skills from business professionals. In summary, I recommend that all students visit The Career Center as soon as possible in order to obtain the potential advantages.

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Christina Malek

I started working with The Career Center almost immediately in freshman year because I really was not sure what job field I wanted to go into.  I met with a career advisor in The Career Center and took a self-assessment test to see what careers and subjects fit my interests. I decided on majoring in computer science, but then felt like psychology was a better fit and changed my major at the end of sophomore year.  

Even though I changed my major and really liked psychology, I was still really uncertain about what I wanted to do in terms of a career. The Career Center happened to hold an Internship Challenge at the end of my sophomore year to help students find internships for the summer. I applied to a company in the marketing/promotions field close to home and got the internship. I kept in contact with my boss for the past few years and was just offered a full-time position there after graduation.  

Working with The Career Center has definitely helped me in choosing my major and throughout my internship and job search. It is never too early to go to The Career Center and you don’t need to have any idea about what you want to major in or what career you want before you go.  Also, keeping in contact with previous employers and networking is absolutely important!  I would advise to use the resources that you have from the Career Center and to use them early!

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