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Patricia Alon

Patricia Alon

Throughout my time at Loyola, I have realized the importance of real world experience and networking with others in order to pursue my career goals. I always knew that I wanted to work in the communication and marketing industry, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I have worked at The Career Center since my freshman year at Loyola, so I was able to gain insight from both perspectives: as a student and as an employee. I have received valuable advice from all of the counselors and have attended various workshops and programs that have offered me great insight into the job-seeking world. 

I soon learned how competitive the industry was so gaining real world experience through internships was key. The Career Center helped me in every aspect of my internship search. Applying to internships was the hardest part and I learned that with every “yes,” there were at least ten “no’s” and all the counselors did everything they could to help me find the right internship for me. I had my resume critiqued multiple times to make sure everything from the wording to spacing was correct. I participated in the Practice Interview Program, which helped me prepare and anticipate questions for future interviews. All the counselors answered my questions even about the littlest things like following up and thank you letters. I pretty much utilized everything The Career Center had to offer.

Going into my senior year, I have had five internships, where I have experienced potential and very distinct career paths. Each of my internships left me with first hand knowledge of the field and with new skills that will contribute to my future success. Along with these experiences, I’ve met many influential people and discovered the importance of networking. It’s important to network and make sure you stay connected to your past employers because you never know how they can help you in the future. The Career Center has also helped me connect with alumni and helpful networking tips as well. 

Without the help of The Career Center, I don’t think I would feel this ready to start my postgraduate job search comfortably. I have taken away valuable advice and tips from the various counselors and programs I have attended and participated in. All of the counselors are very helpful and are willing to do anything they can to help students (and I’m not saying that just because I work there). The Career Center is a great resource for all students to utilize; it’s never too early or too late to stop by for help!

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Dilshan Jayakody

The Constant Challenge to Improve is one of Loyola University's core values, and a value demonstrated wholeheartedly by the entirety of The Career Center at Loyola. The Career Center not only challenges itself to improve but further every student that walks in their door. Whether it be an advising session, a resume critique, or a presentation, The Career Center challenges the status quo where appropriate.

As someone who began their internship search with no idea where to go or how to get there, I was able to sit down and receive one on one advice and began to form a focus of where I wanted to be and the Career Center was there every step of the way to help me get there. It was also not only in the material things, like my resume that was improved, but further those things that are intangible. I was able to truly work on my interviewing skills and further confidence and comfort under pressure. I am proud to say The Career Center had a crucial part in my receiving of multiple internship offers this summer but further my acceptance of an internship at Morgan Stanley.

It is without any hesitation that I recommend that The Career Center is the best place on campus for any student that wants to begin to think about their postgraduate plans. Even today, I am in constant touch with my advisor and continually preparing for what is on the horizon. The Career Center is a true asset that should be utilized by every student.

Randy Posh once defined luck as the time when opportunity meets preparation. With the opportunities available to the students of this University coupled with the preparation of Loyola University's Career Center, no student would be short in saying that a stroke of luck came there way.

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Allison Kehoe

Allison Kehoe

Freshman year when I first came to The Career Center I was a lost puppy. I was still deciding what I wanted my major to be, I didn’t have a resume, and was relatively clueless to what I needed to do to prepare myself for life after Loyola. I was fortunate enough to meet with a career advisor who has dealt with my crazy since that first visit freshman year. Every step of the way whether it was formatting my resume or walking me through what career fits me as a student and a person, my career advisor worked with me. This was to the point that I would just stop in to say hi and let them know what I was up to in the application department.

The relationship I made with The Career Center helped me gain the confidence I needed to score the awesome job I have today. I was able to go into my interviews standing tall and proud of what I have to offer the company. I now am graduating Loyola with the opportunity to work with J.P. Morgan Chase’s Human Resource Department.

I highly suggest taking advantage of the information and assistance The Career Center has to offer. The members of The Career Center are there to help you in formatting your career path, and will provide students a peace of mind every step of the way! By taking advantage of what The Career Center has to offer as early as possible, students will be able to gain an understanding of what is expected by future employers in their specific industry, even if you do not know what that industry is just yet.

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Andrew Korch

Loyola University Maryland is in my opinion the best school in Maryland, if not the best school rooted in Catholic ideals in the nation. However, I believe the greatest strength of Loyola is the continued emphasis of cura personalis. Loyola goes aboveboard in promoting the education of the whole person in many way, not least of which is our Career Center located on the Evergreen campus. During my time at Loyola, I have sought and explored many avenues to help land internships, but none has helped me more than The Career Center. Before The Career Center’s help, I was sending out numerous resumes to companies with little to no responses. The Career Center helped me retool my resume and taught me how to use Hounds for Hire. Within mere days of using Hounds4Hire and submitting my new resume, I had gone from begging for internships, to picking and choosing them. I recommend The Career Center to all current, former, and future students. My thanks to The Career Center and my career advisor; you’re a rock-star.

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Sanaa Mahfouz

As an undergraduate, I was pretty unsure of what I wanted to do once I graduate. The only thing I knew was that I was going to go to graduate/medical school. I saw an opportunity through The Career Center to shadow someone in a field that I was interested in. I was certain that I was not going to get the opportunity because I thought it would be much harder to get a doctor to agree to allow an undergraduate shadow them for the entire day. To my surprise, I was chosen to participate in the Shadow Day Program. After my initial meeting with my career advisor, she informed me that she will not stop until she found me a mentor. She did find me a mentor and within weeks I was able to shadow him. The experience made me absolutely positive that I wanted to go into the medical field. My mentor taught me how to read EEGs, something that I would not have learned until medical school. I saw the way he talked to patients and how he answered their questions in layman’s terms instead of the complicated medical terms. It was a truly fantastic opportunity and I encourage everyone to go to The Career Center and talk to someone about future careers, especially if you are not sure what you want to do after graduation. I am now positive that becoming a doctor is what I want to do once I graduate and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to know that now instead of later. 

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Daniel Palmer

The Career Center at Loyola has been a great asset for me during my four years at here. As a graduating senior majoring in Accounting, the Career Center has enabled me to become a professional in my field by providing me with a myriad of advice and tools to make me successful in my job search. With help of The Career Center, I was able to polish my resume and take workshops on interviewing. These tools helped me secure in a job with a Big Four firm before I even graduated. Thanks to the professionals who devote their time to working with undergraduates like me, and even faculty and alumni, I have been well prepared to enter the next chapter of my life. 

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Brandon Scarff

Game-changer—that is my description of the services rendered by the staff of The Career Center. As a sophomore, I walked into the office of The Career Center with only a rough idea for my future profession. Little did I know that The Career Center would bring my ideas to life. Before long, the staff assisted me in compiling a resume and quieted my anxiety throughout the application and interviewing processes. As a result, I was able to secure an internship and felt more confident and prepared to meet my future.

With this being my experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of scheduling an appointment with the staff at The Career Center, attending their workshops, and participating in their Career Fairs. Whether you have a career in mind or have no idea, the staff will cater toward your needs and place you on the path to success! These events are for your benefit, and I can personally affirm the objective of the staff at The Career Center: to help us—the students—realize our dreams by taking advantage of the opportunities before us. 

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