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Committee on Catholic Social Thought


Throughout the academic year, the Committee for Catholic Social Thought hosts both a speaker series and a luncheon series in conjunction with academic departments and the Jesuit Residence. Below is the schedule for the current and upcoming semesters. An archive of the speaker series and the luncheon discussion series is also available.

Annual Andy Warhol Lecture


Music and the Soul: A Socratic Approach 


Dr. Michael Krom, St. Vincent's College


Thursday, April 27th, KH B01 at 5 pm. 

Ethics Week 2017 - Ethics and Sport

Monday, February 13

6:30 pm
AWSC 4th Floor Program Room

Dr. Mavis Biss, Sexism in Sport

Tuesday, February 14 6:30 pm
McGuire Hall West

Dr. Dale Snow, The High Cost of Money’s Influence on Sports

Wednesday, February 15    6:30 pm
Loyola/Notre Dame Library Auditorium
Professor Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, View the film Concussion, followed by discussion
Thursday, February 16 6:30 pm
AWSC 4th Floor Program Room

Dr. Andrew Samuel, Does Competition Foster Corruption? Using Game Theory to Analyze Games


Lunchtime Discussion Series
Natural Law

Natural law is the traditional bedrock of Catholic moral theology.  It is also easily misunderstood.  The American Jesuit political philosopher John Courtney Murray once quipped that philosophers and theologians often congratulate themselves on burying natural law only to discover they have buried the wrong corpse.

This semester Loyola’s Committee on Catholic Social Thought offers a boot camp on natural law.  As our discussions will be about morality and how to know what is moral, they are bound to be vibrant.  Our three quite varied lunchtime sessions are:  

  • Monday, February 20th seminarian and Loyola grad Brendan Fitzgerald (Mount St. Mary’s) guides “Natural Law 101” at 12.00.  Room 114 College Center (or right behind the Starbucks!) download the Lecture Handout (pdf)
  • Thursday, March 23rd Loyola professor Graham McAleer guides “St. John Paul II’s Account of Natural Law in Veritatis Splendor” at 12.00.  Room 113 College Center
  • Friday, March 31st Loyola Marymount professor Scott Roniger guides “Pope Francis and Natural Law in Laudato Si’” at 12.00.  Room 113 College Center

Lunch is served and all are welcome to join in the broad, open, and convivial discussions that are the hallmark of the luncheons sponsored by Loyola’s Committee on Catholic Social Thought.

Should you have questions, please write to me at gmcaleer@loyola.edu .