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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Milch Award Nomination Form

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The selection committee for the award will strive to recognize:

  • Partnerships built upon mutual trust, respect, and commitment, including positive communication and mechanisms for continuous improvement.
  • Partnerships that promote the dignity of each person, protect and preserve natural resources, respect the wisdom of local communities, and work to develop solutions to address long-term community needs.
  • Partnerships that build upon the respective resources of both the partner agency and Loyola.
  • Partnerships that seek solidarity with persons who are marginalized.
  • Partnerships that foster awareness and understanding of social injustices that leads to action for social change.
  • Partnerships that achieve demonstrated results that would not have been achieved by individual partners acting alone.
  • Partnerships that recognize the importance of reciprocity and show evidence that the strengths and assets of each partner are maximized.
  • Partnerships that value the benefits of community-based and experiential education for students.

Nominators should provide supporting documents to demonstrate how their partnership nominee lives out these award criteria. After submitting the form below, email any supporting documentation to ccsj@loyola.edu.


Friday, February 21, 2014

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